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Michael Weldon is a chef and TV presenter from South Australia. He famously placed second in the third series of MasterChef Australia in 2011, going on to work with Coles Supermarkets in product development. He later landed a role as co-host of the food-loving TV series Farm to Fork alongside Courtney Roulston and fellow MasterChef alum Sarah Todd and Andy Allen.

Prior to joining MasterChef Australia season 3, Michael Weldon was a film projectionist. After realising his true passion lied in cooking, he left that career behind to pursue his food dream.

During his time on MasterChef Australia season 3, Michael had a variety of dishes which landed in the hall of fame. Some of these dishes include Baked Apples and Pears with Berry Salad and Caramel Sauce, Salmon Tartare with Soft Boiled Quail Egg and Tapas of Lamb, Roasted Anchovy Lamb with Green Dressing.

Michael Weldon Age

Michael is 36 years old.

Michael Weldon Wife

Is chef Michael Weldon married? He has a wife. Shortly after appearing on MasterChef Australia season 3, Michael told Woman’s Day magazine: “Love is a lovely thing. I’m definitely looking for it and hopefully it isn’t too far in the future. I hope there’s someone soon, because I’d really like to have kids, but I need someone to marry me first. I haven’t got any love letters yet!”

Michael Weldon MasterChef

Chef Michael Weldon was runner-up in the third season of MasterChef Australia in 2011. He came second to Kate Bracks in the final of MasterChef 2011. In March 2022, MasterChef Australia season 3 contestant Michael Weldon was announced to be among the returning stars by 10 for its 14th season of the MasterChef Australia: Fans & Favourites.

After the announcement, the former MasterChef Australia runner-up from Adelaide took to social media, writing, “Things are getting pretty exciting!!! @masterchefau Fans and Favourites is not far away!!! I’m excited to be back competing with some absolute legends of the MasterChef kitchen! #masterchefau.”

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Michael Weldon Instagram

Michael Weldon’s Instagram handle is @michael_weldon.