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Matt Landmark is a contestant on MasterChef Australia Fans & Faves and a high school teacher from Victoria. Born in South Africa, Matt moved to the small town of Palmerston North on New Zealand’s North Island at the age of 4. At school he excelled at sport, with a particular passion for cricket and hockey. As he got older a love of music emerged and took over his creative pursuits.

Any spare time was spent practicing guitar, and as Matt became more proficient, he entered the world of jazz and played in several competitions. At the age of 17 he was awarded “Best Jazz Guitarist” for his region with a stellar performance of Stairway To Heaven. He also proudly represented New Zealand in the Secondary School Brass Band.

After completing a music degree in recording and production in Wellington, Matt moved to Melbourne alongside his partner Tamara, and now works as a high school commerce teacher.

Matt Landmark Age

Matt Landmark was born in South Africa.

Matt Landmark MasterChef Australia

Matt Landmark is a MasterChef Australia contestant 2022. The high school commerce teacher announced his appearance on the cooking competition on Instagram.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be heading into the @masterchefau kitchen in just a few short weeks,” he wrote. “I’m putting my teaching career on simmer, while I go and learn a thing or two and teach the other contestants what it means to be a hungry competitor!”

As a child, Matt Landmark’s family dinners were simple, classic and nutritious. But with a limited budget to explore different cuisines, he says dinners were staples, and admits to only eating or cooking with fresh herbs on a handful of occasions, and rarely touching seafood.

Matt’s limited palette was bound to expand, and he can recall the first time he bought fresh coriander to serve with a meal while living in a share house. Blown away by the flavour, it marked the turning point in his cooking journey, and the first time Matt really became interested in being in the kitchen.

Matt can regularly be found reading cookbooks, working on new techniques, and seeking feedback on ways to improve. With a passion for working out and cycling, Matt dreams of one day running his own small restaurant.

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Matt Landmark Instagram

Matt Landmark’s Instagram handle is @mattstication.