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Melanie Persson is a MasterChef Australia: Fans & Faves contestant and PhD Student from Western Australia. She is pursuing a PhD in literature. The PhD student spends her free time cooking for her partner, friends, and family; getting out and about with her dogs; and playing boardgames and social sports.

Born in Perth, Melanie was two when her family moved to Nagano Prefecture in Japan for three years before returning to Western Australia. They settled in Dunsborough, a small town in the southwest of the state near Margaret River where Melanie completed school. Following high school she spent a year in the Italian city of Milan before returning home to start university. She’s been cooking ever since she could reach the kitchen bench and her food and tastes have been influenced by her experiences in Japan and Italy.

Largely self-taught from television cooking shows and social media, Melanie loves to watch the work of Massimo Bottura, Adam Liaw, Matt Adlard, Marion Grasby and Rick Stein, and says making it to Finals Week would be the icing on this gluten free cake.

Melanie Persson Age

Melanie Persson was born in Perth. She is 27 years old.

Melanie Persson MasterChef Australia

Melanie Persson is a MasterChef Australia contestant 2022. The 27-year-old announced her appearance on the cooking competition on Instagram. She wrote: “Meet #TeamFans! In case you didn’t know, this season of #MasterChefAu involves a twist. Instead of the usual 24 home cooks, there will be only 12 fresh-faced passionate foodies. That’s me and this awesome bunch!

“We’ll be going up against some of MasterChef royalty – 12 previous contestants that we have watched and admired on the show in the past!

“Yes, that’s a nerve-wracking prospect, but we are also SUPER excited to cook amongst such talented people who will hopefully have a lot of skills and knowledge to share. BRING ON SEASON 14!”

The WA native had always dreamed of competing on MasterChef Australia, but when she was diagnosed with coeliac disease six years ago, it seemed impossible.

“It was kind of like a pipe dream,” the MasterChef Australia: Fans & Faves contestant told AAA via PerthNow. “And then I was actually diagnosed with coeliac disease when I was 21 so I thought it was completely off the table, but this year, the producer actually reached out to me on my Instagram . . . and encouraged me to do it.”

Following her MasterChef Australia journey, she dreams of publishing cookbooks that show how to prepare beautiful, complex dishes that don’t compromise on flavour.

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Melanie Persson Illness

Melanie Persson was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2016.

Melanie Persson Instagram

Melanie Persson’s Instagram handle is @theveryhungrycoeliac.