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Jenn Lee is a contestant on MasterChef Australia Fans & Faves and dentist from Queensland. Born in Taiwan as the middle of three sisters, Jenn Lee and her family moved to Brisbane when she was six. She credits her Mum with providing the encouragement to explore all aspects of life including art, music and cooking.

She recalls fond childhood memories with her family preparing ingredients for Zongzi, wrapping each one up in a soaked lotus leaf and tying it to the back of a wooden chair. On birthdays they would make Taiwanese-style sponge cake with fresh cream, and on the weekends prepare dumplings together, her mum focussing on the filling while her dad taught his daughters how to beautifully fold them.

Each year the family returned to Taiwan for holidays, and Jenn told Network 10 she loved learning from her grandmothers during those trips, with one making amazing ferments, pickles and sauces, and the other tending to her own veggie patch.

Jenn Lee Age

Jenn Lee was born in Taiwan.

Jenn Lee MasterChef Australia

Jenn Lee is a MasterChef Australia contestant 2022. Adept at both savoury and sweet cooking and with a love of learning from the likes of Michel Roux, Heston Blumenthal and Josh Niland, Jenn cites her favourite ingredients to cook with as eggs, potatoes and garlic.

For a special dinner party with close friends Jenn loves serving Korean-style BBQ with beautiful pork jowl and ox tongue. Guests can expect fresh prawns and steamed fish alongside Taiwanese style BBQ corn and grilled king oyster mushrooms.

With a rustic and homely style of cooking, outside of the kitchen Jenn loves to sew, cross stich and paint. She also loves gardening, reading and watching movies.

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Jenn Lee Instagram

Jenn Lee’s Instagram handle is @plsfeed_jenn.