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Dulan Hapuarachchi Biography – Dulan Hapuarachchi Wiki

Dulan Hapuarachchi is a contestant on MasterChef Australia Fans & Faves. Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dulan was the youngest of three kids when his family picked up and migrated to Australia at the age of 11, but before the big move he enjoyed a childhood rich with food and family. With his father one of eight children and his mother one of 11, weekends were filled with large family gatherings alongside dozens of cousins, the dining table brimming with mouth-watering authentic Sri Lankan dishes.

The father of two still recalls tears peeling an onion for his grandmother at the age of four and spending his weekends watching his parents and aunts cook their family feasts.

Dulan Hapuarachchi Age

He was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Dulan Hapuarachchi Wife

Is Dulan Hapuarachchi married? He is married to his wife Nadeera.

Dulan Hapuarachchi Family

Dulan and his wife, Nadeera, are proud parents of two children, son Nicky and daughter Nia.

Dulan Hapuarachchi MasterChef Australia

Dulan Hapuarachchi is a MasterChef Australia contestant 2022. With food idols including Gordan Ramsay, Peter Kuruvita and MasterChef Australia judge Jock Zonfrillo, Dulan dreams of one day cooking on the Sicilian coast of Italy, and admits to a broad palate and love of trying different cuisines.

Despite a preference for savoury over sweet flavours, he can make a mean tiramisu and crème caramel, and hopes his time management skills will serve him well under the watchful eye of the MasterChef clock.

With support from his wife Nadeera, his four-year-old son Nicky and newborn daughter Nia at home, Dulan one day hopes to open a Sri Lankan inspired café-style restaurant with his wife who is a cocktail connoisseur. He also wants to open a cooking and hospitality school for the less fortunate in Sri Lanka.

When he’s not busy in the kitchen or playing with his children, Dulan enjoys working out, gardening and fishing.

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Dulan Hapuarachchi Instagram

Dulan Hapuarachchi’s Instagram handle is @thisisdulan.