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Daniel Lamble is a contestant on MasterChef Australia Fans & Faves. Raised in Katherine, his childhood was spent in the epic bushland of the Northern Territory, regularly camping and fishing.

At the age of 13, Daniel Lamble and his family moved three hours north to Darwin which he admits felt like a huge city. With Darwin came his rugby community, coastal fishing and epic sunsets, all cementing his love for the Territory.

After finishing high school Daniel worked in the mines as a FIFO worker for three years before landing his dream job as a firefighter. Routinely tasked with preparing lunch and dinner for his fellow fireys, Daniel credits his dad with teaching him the basics, and anything more advanced from YouTube videos and television cooking programs.

Daniel Lamble Age

Daniel Lamble . He grew up in Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia.

Daniel Lamble Family

The middle of three siblings, Daniel was raised in a close-knit family.

Daniel Lamble Partner

Daniel Lamble is in a relationship with his partner of seven years Kassie.

Daniel Lamble MasterChef Australia

Daniel Lamble is a MasterChef Australia contestant 2022. Citing Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal and Josh Niland as some of his culinary idols, Daniel most enjoys creating Asian flavoured soups with fresh and vibrant ingredients. He also enjoys the primitive and unique experience of cooking over an open flame, and using smoke and coals.

With a flavour for savoury cooking, Daniel knows he may need to work on his sweet skills to remain in the game, and describes his style of cooking as rustic.

With a penchant for board games and costume parties, Daniel dreams of one day hitting the open road with Kassie and two dogs Nala and Hades, hosting pop up restaurants from a food truck in small towns across Australia.

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Daniel Lamble Instagram

Daniel Lamble’s Instagram handle is @_instalamb.