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Jack Wilkinson Biography – Jack Wilkinson Wiki

Jack Wilkinson is a MasterChef UK 2023 contestant and sports journalist with Sky Sports. He lives in North London with his girlfriend.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

“A contemporary take on classic combinations which marries bold flavours, modern techniques and plating flair to create memorable dishes. I love going the extra mile others aren’t prepared to/able to in the kitchen, bringing friends and family together for a culinary experience they won’t forget.”

What is your earliest cooking memory?

“I always remember feeling a sense of excitement whenever dinner time rolled around! At home, at school, or on the rare occasion we went out for dinner, I always enjoyed food growing up and that inspired my journey into cookery. I have fond memories of family gatherings where food was the centrepiece. Food has an incredible quality of bringing people together.”

Why did you enter MasterChef?

“For years I’ve been that guy sat at home watching MasterChef thinking ‘I could do that’. My friends have also said I should apply, so I thought ‘why not?’ I reached a stage in my life where I wanted to push myself and get out of my comfort zone, so I thought it was time to put my money where my mouth is.”

What is your food dream?

“The ultimate dream would be earning a Michelin star – or two! Whether I’m cut out for the restaurant game is another matter, though. I’m keen to explore combining my passion for food with my experience in football journalism. From taking the podcast scene by storm with a food-meets-football podcast, to collaborating with football clubs and offering players my culinary services, watch this space!”

Jack Wilkinson Age

Sports journalist Jack Wilkinson is 30 years old as of 2023.

Jack Wilkinson MasterChef

Sports journalist Jack Wilkinson is a contestant on MasterChef UK 2023. He is one of the nine contestants cooking for John Torode and Gregg Wallace in the fifth week of heats of MasterChef 2023.

The 30-year-old is through to the semi-finals of the TV competition – earning praise from the judges for his modern British classics with bold flavours and presentational flair. If football journalist Jack pulls off the task of getting through the second semi-final on Thursday (May 25), he will bid to be the 19th MasterChef champion.

Jack Wilkinson MasterChef Height

How tall is Jack on Masterchef? MasterChef 2023 contestant Jack Wilkinson is exceptionally tall. He is reportedly 6 feet 2 inches.

Jack Instagram

Jack Wilkinson’s Instagram handle is @bigjackgram.