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Diya Kotecha-Lodhia Biography – Diya Kotecha-Lodhia Wiki

Diya Kotecha-Lodhia is a MasterChef UK 2023 contestant, food blogger, home cook and travel consultant. Born and raised in Malawi she now lives in Leicester, with her husband and two young children.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

“I don’t think I have a particular style of cooking, as I like to cook anything and everything, I like to experiment with ingredients, and creating fusion dishes. Some work, and some don’t, but that’s the only way I learn. I could be in the kitchen rustling up a five-course meal, or dinner parties up to 30 people or more, but sometimes, it could be something really quick and simple made in one pan…it all depends on the day.

I’m drawn to pan Asian cooking but will pretty much make anything as long as I have fresh ingredients.

I do try to avoid as much packaged foods or things out of a jar. Living in Africa, we didn’t have huge supermarkets and everything was always made from scratch and this has always been the way I like to cook for my family.”

What is your earliest cooking memory?

“When my mum actually let me make my own puris at the age of four all by myself whilst she watched over me. I went from making pretend food as a toddler to actually doing the real thing in the kitchen, it was that moment I just knew that I had found my one true love that will forever be…FOOD.”

“Mum was the biggest foodie that I have ever known, and she had magic in her hands, with simple ingredients, she would create something so special. She taught me that the secret ingredient to the most amazing food is LOVE, and this is what I am here to do on MasterChef, spread love through MY food.”

Why did you enter MasterChef?

“I’ve watched the series for 17 years now, I’m a massive fan! I remember watching an episode with my mum when she was alive, she told me to apply for it, as she had full faith in me that I would do well. Entering and now taking part in this show is in a way paying homage to my mum, she has made me who I am today, and I owe everything to her…I can proudly say that I fulfilled her dream by being on the show.”

What is your food dream?

“I would love to write a cookbook, as there is something magical about seeing your name on a cover that’ll spread love and happiness in people’s homes through food.

If I do succeed in this field, I would definitely like to establish a business in catering, seeing and feeding happy faces truly brings a smile to mine.”

Diya Kotecha-Lodhia Age

Diya Kotecha-Lodhia was born and raised in Malawi. She is 38 years old as of 2023.

Diya Kotecha-Lodhia MasterChef

Diya Kotecha-Lodhia is a contestant on MasterChef UK 2023. She is one of the nine contestants cooking for John Torode and Gregg Wallace in the fifth week of heats of MasterChef 2023.

” I AM A MASTERCHEF CONTESTANT FOR 2023,” Diya wrote on Instagram. “I cannot even begin to describe how I feel. @masterchefuk has always been on my Bucket list for the last 17 years, for years I would consider to apply for it, but could never quite muster the courage to see through it!

“For all that I’ve ever known or learnt about food, I owe to my Mum, who had more faith in me than I had in myself.. To finally be able to do this as I pay homage to her and to live her dream is truly a fulfilling feeling.

“Everyone who knows me, know that FOOD is my life. It’s my greatest passion, I am in my element when I’m in the kitchen. It’s literally the one place where I can totally zone out to everything.”

Diya Kotecha-Lodhia Ethnicity

She is of African ethnicity.

Diya Kotecha-Lodhia Instagram

Diya Kotecha-Lodhia’s Instagram handle is @deliciouslydiya.