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Harry Tomlinson Biography – Harry Tomlinson Wiki

Harry Tomlinson is a contestant on MasterChef Australia Fans & Faves, Coffee Roaster and aspiring food writer. The youngest of three children, Harry grew up with a love and passion for food, ultimately taking over the kitchen and preparing family dinners as a teenager.

Harry works with speciality coffee and has worked in the hospitality industry since she was 16. At 19 she moved to London for several years and on returning home to Melbourne, now works at Proud Mary Coffee.

Harry Tomlinson Age

Harry Tomlinson’s age is unclear.

Harry Tomlinson Family

Harry is the youngest of three children with two older brothers.

Harry Tomlinson MasterChef Australia 2022

Harry Tomlinson is a MasterChef Australia contestant 2022. Harry told Networth 10 that food is her greatest comfort, and she’ll stop at little to achieve her goal of taking out the coveted MasterChef Australia trophy.

Describing herself as driven, creative and intuitive, Harry’s signature dish on a warm Saturday evening might include veal cotoletta with herb oil, burnt cabbage with tarragon cream and parmigiano, and pickled fennel.

Her food idols include Fergus Henderson, Samin Nosrat, Rick Stein and Annie Smithers, and interestingly lists one of her favourite ingredients as the often-declined offal. She loves to cook using fresh oysters, vine-ripened tomatoes and lashings of parmigiano, and describes her style of cooking as homely, but with refined flavours.

When she’s not cooking, Harry enjoys painting, still life for when she wants to practice her technique and crazy big abstract pieces when she’s feeling inspired. She also loves going on long hikes for several days at a time.

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Harry Tomlinson MasterChef 2022 Real Name

MasterChef 2022 contestant Harry Tomlinson’s real name is Harriet Tomlinson. Her birth name was Caitlin Tomlinson. She was bullied pretty heavily in school prompting her to change her first name from Caitlin to Harry.

Harry Tomlinson Name Change

In an episode of MasterChef Australia 2022, Harry Tomlinson revealed that she “had a really rough time” when she was in school, so much so that it prompted her to change her first name from Caitlin to Harry.

“I was bullied pretty heavily,” Harry said via The Latch. “I was filled with self doubt, insecurities, body image issues and it made me completely retreat as a person.”

The MasterChef Australia contestant said this “was just so not who I ever wanted to be”, so “a couple of years ago” she decided to start fresh.

“I decided to do something really significant by changing my name from Caitlin to Harry,” she said. She added that the name change prompted a slew of positive changes.

“Once I became Harry, all of my self doubt disappeared and it’s given me a lot of strength and a lot of power to kind of back myself and understand that I’m worthy of doing things like applying for MasterChef,” she shared.

Harry Tomlinson Gender

What gender is MasterChef 2022 contestant Harry Tomlinson? Harry is reportedly transgender. However, we can’t verify these claims. The MasterChef Australia contestant goes by the pronouns “she/her”.

Harry Tomlinson MasterChef Instagram

Harry Tomlinson’s Instagram handle is @big.yummers.