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Susan Johnston is a Canadian potter, retired high school art teacher and contestant on The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down 2024. She lives in Surrey, B.C. and was first introduced to pottery as a teenager.

Susan found her way back to it seven years ago when she completed a university ceramics certificate program. She has a Fine Arts Diploma and a Bachelor’s in Art Education.

Now a retired high school art teacher, her passion for art hasn’t diminished, and she is always looking for opportunities to create meaningful pieces. Susan created a 12-foot-high conceptual art piece titled “Here We Have No Lasting City,” with large, canopic bird jars signifying the fall of societies, which was exhibited at the university.

Susan started making pottery as a teenager. She told CBC: “Don Hutchinson was my ceramics instructor at Langara College 45 years ago and inspired me by affirming the strength of my work.

“After teaching art for 30 years and painting, I returned to ceramics, meeting him at the Semiahmoo Potters Club to have my work affirmed by him again.”

Describing her pottery style in three words, Susan said: “Rustic, sculptural, Canadiana”.

Susan Johnston Age

Potter Susan Johnston was aged 67 at the time of filming of The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down in 2023.

Susan Johnston Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down

Susan Johnston, 67, is a contestant on the inaugural season of The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down on CBC and CBC Gem. Award-winning artist and ceramics instructor Brendan Tang and renowned ceramicist and educator Natalie Waddell serve as judges.

Susan announced the news on Instagram, writing: “So excited to be competing on the great Canadian pottery throw down alongside so many amazing potters from across the country! So grateful to be part of the pottery community locally and in British Columbia and beyond.”

Speaking about the possibility of winning The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down, Susan said: “I count myself a winner in a sense just to be part of this moment but I will need to produce refined, well-built, inspirational pieces to rise to the top.”

TGCPTD potters are Kiefer Floreal, Alice Gibson, Thomas Haskell, Susan, Renu Mathew, Andrew McCullough, Jen Sonnenberg, Jackie Talmey-Lennon, Elsa Valinas and Michael Wood.

Susan Johnston Instagram

Susan Johnston’s Instagram handle is @seaspiritceramics.