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Jen Sonnenberg is a potter, substitute teacher, hockey coach and contestant on The Great Canadian Pottery Throwdown 2024. She is a substitute teacher and hockey coach who lives in Stonewall, M.B.

Jen has 15 years of experience as a potter and took her first pottery class at the University of Manitoba. She received her Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba in 2008, and built her wood kiln on her family’s farm shortly after.

Jen started making pottery at the University of Manitoba. She told CBC: “I went to university for Fine Arts and I had to take a three-dimensional arts class. I wanted to take sculpture, but it didn’t fit into my schedule. So I took ceramics and the rest is history. I took all the courses I could take. I just absolutely loved it.”

Describing her pottery style in three words, she said: “Energetic, earthy and functional”. She aims to create a sustainable pottery practice one day, as well as teach pottery classes and sell her pieces.

The substitute teacher is the potter behind Jen Sonnenberg Woodfired Pottery, creating handcrafted pottery in her rural Manitoba studio and fired in a wood burning kiln. She now fires her kiln twice a year, has an annual studio sale, and hosts pottery classes out of her community and her personal studio.

Jen Sonnenberg Age

Potter Jen Sonnenberg was aged 32 at the time of filming of The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down in 2023.

Jen Sonnenberg Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down

Jen Sonnenberg, 32, is a contestant on the inaugural season of The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down on CBC and CBC Gem. Award-winning artist and ceramics instructor Brendan Tang and renowned ceramicist and educator Natalie Waddell serve as judges.

She announced the news on Instagram, writing: “I will be a contestant on #thegreatcanadianpotterythrowdown premiering Thursday February 8th at 8 pm local time on @cbc and @cbcgem”.

Speaking about the possibility of winning The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down, Jen said: “I’m just going to work hard. I’m going to try my best and leave it all on the floor.”

The potters competing in the debut season of The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down are Kiefer Floreal, Alice Gibson, Thomas Haskell, Susan Johnston, Renu Mathew, Andrew McCullough, Jen, Jackie Talmey-Lennon, Elsa Valinas and Michael Wood.

Jen Sonnenberg Instagram

Jen Sonnenberg’s Instagram handle is @jensonnenbergwoodfiredpottery.