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Mafe Biography – Mafe Wiki

Mafe is a 23-year-old singer originally from Venezuela. She appears on The Voice season 25 as a contestant.

Mafe was born and raised in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, where she enjoyed adventurous family trips and a musical environment. Later, her family moved to Margarita Island, but limited opportunities hindered her passion for singing.

In 2017, the family made the life-changing decision to relocate to Miami. The transition to a new life in the U.S. was challenging for Mafe and her family, but joining a choir class provided a sense of belonging and helped her overcome language barriers.

The transition to school in the U.S. was difficult, Mafe said, largely because of the language barrier. Music helped.

After graduating with an AA degree in music performance and jazz, Mafe took a year off to determine her path in music. She currently works two jobs and saves money for recording her original music. She enjoys cooking authentic Venezuelan dishes with her mom in her free time.

Mafe has not released any original music yet. But earlier in 2024, she recorded two covers with El Cuartito, a group of musicians who record covers featuring a variety of lead singers.

The songs Mafe recorded with El Cuartito include “Maneater” by Hall and Oates and “My Love Mine All Mine” by Mitski.

One of her biggest musical influences is YEBBA. “@yebbasmith is my love,” she writes in one social media post. And two of her most recent covers on social media are YEBBA songs — “Evergreen” and “October Sky.”

Mafe noted that her audition song is about kissing someone for the last time. She had no trouble relating to that situation because she could remember the friends and family her family left behind in Venezuela to start over in the U.S.

Mafe The Voice

Mafe is one of the contestants of The Voice season 25. She competes on the show against RLetto, Anya True, Olivia Rubini, L. Rodgers, Val T. Webb, Elyscia Jefferson, Zeya Rae, Ashley Bryant, Kamalei Kawa’a, Asher HaVon, Tae Lewis, AJ Harvey, Kyle Schuesler, Bri Fletcher, Josh Sanders, Karen Waldrup, William Alexander, Alyssa Crosby and Serenity Arce.

She performed “Besame Mucho” by Trio Los Panchos and Gigliola Cinquetti. Originally written by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Valazquez in 1932, “Besame Mucho” has become one of the most celebrated songs of all time.

Her impressive opening had all four coaches facing her way within 30 seconds. Chance and John were the first to turn, in that order. Her voice is powerful and emotive. Chance says Mafe has “extreme” vocal talent.

Reba said the vocal touched her heart and soul. Shay called the performance “phenomenally impressive.” And John said her vocals are “so tasteful” and “magical.” He even speaks a bit of Spanish in his pitch.

And, in a rare occurrence on The Voice, Chance suggests the Venezuelan singer would do very well as a member of Team Legend. She opted to join Team Legend.

Mafe Age

As of 2024, she is 23 years old. She currently resides in Miami, Florida. She is originally from Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela.

Mafe Family

The 23-year-old singer is a resident of Miami, but she was born and raised in Venezuela. Her family relocated to the U.S. when Mafe was 15 because of the increase in violence in her native country.


She has both American and Venezuelan nationalities.


Her Instagram handle is @mafemmusic.