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Ashley Bryant Biography – Ashley Bryant Wiki

Ashley Bryant is a country singer from Louisville, Kentucky. She is a contestant on the 25th season of The Voice.

Ashley’s singing talent was initially hidden until she impressed everyone with a performance during a high school ceremony. She went on to pursue a career in the dental field while developing her singing skills through karaoke, competing in contests just about every weekend.

After a decision to make a career change, she obtained her esthetician license and, instead of karaoke nights, now plays gigs on the weekends.

She’s a country singer who’s been performing on the East Coast with Tom Nitti. Tom is the guy who made the playoffs for Team Reba in Season 24 but dropped out of the competition for personal reasons.

They’ve been performing lots of shows together since then. For instance, Ashley opened for Tom at Nashville’s Next showcase in mid-December. A promo for that show says Ashley is often referred to as Walmart Miranda Lambert, “which she finds a great compliment!”

On her Instagram, she shares that she loves being goofy and is always dancing. And that her acquired nickname is Cornbread because of her thick southern drawl.

She has covers and performances on her TikTok, where she has amassed a huge following. She released her debut single, “Champagne” in March of 2022.

Ashley Bryant The Voice

Ashley Bryant appears as a contestant on the 25th season of The Voice. She took part in the Voice blind auditions and performed “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood.

Reba McEntire turned her chair around during the final moments of Ashley Bryant’s Blind Audition.

“The more she sang, the more I fell in love with her voice,” Reba explained. “I was really worried, having another Coach that is in the Country vein [referring to Dan + Shay], so I did a last-second push and snuck in there without anybody else turning. I think she can go far on The Voice.”

The other contestants on The Voice include Kamalei Kawa’a, Asher HaVon, Madison Curbelo, Tae Lewis, Corey Curtis, Josh Sanders, Asher HaVon, Mafe, Karen Waldrup, and Serenity Arce.

Ashley Bryant Age

She is 27 years old as of 2024. She hails from Louisville, Kentucky.

Ashley Bryant Husband

Ashley is not married yet. However, she is engaged to her fiance Tom Nitti who was also a contestant on season 24 of The Voice.

Tom and Ashley met and fell in love during the blind auditions filmed in 2023. The auditions for seasons 24 and 25 were pre-taped back-to-back. Writes Ashley next to a photo of them performing together: “2023 brought me many great things, but he’s my favorite.”

Ashley Bryant Parents

Singer Ashley was supported by the presence of her father who was backstage cheering her on as she performed her song on stage.

Ashley Bryant Car Accident

She was involved in a car wreck in April 2019 and has 30% of hearing on her right year.

“Once I made the decision to pursue music full-time, I thought everything was gonna go good, and then my world got flipped upside down,” Bryant remembered. “In April of 2019, I had got into a car wreck. The airbags didn’t deploy and the seatbelt didn’t lock, so I pretty much broke my face on the steering wheel. I had a fracture in my nose, and stitches in my mouth. My right ear suffered the most injury and then eventually, I lost my hearing in my right ear because of it.”

She continued: “I absolutely worried, ‘Am I gonna lose my hearing completely? Am I gonna be able to sing?’ It was definitely a scary thought. It’s been a huge adjustment to my life. Not only did I have to learn how to read people’s mouths and try to understand what they were saying, but then I also had to learn how to sing with an imbalance. Music has helped me get through hearing loss. It continues to push me to learn things and step out of my comfort zone and take risks and learn to love myself that I am.”


Her Instagram handle is @ashleybryantofficial.