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L. Rodgers Biography – L. Rodgers Wiki

L. Rodgers transformed from Lindsay. She is an LGBTQIA+ Americana/Soul artist and songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland. She is among the artists who auditioned for The Voice Season 25.

Her parents realized her singing talent when she was a child, enrolling her in The Peabody Institute. She also studied at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and then began performing professionally.

She was trafficked. The sex trafficking began when she returned to New York from a summer performing in Alaska. She escaped the relationship and the situation at age 22, and then began writing songs as a way of dealing with the trauma.

As a survivor, Rodgers’s music is heavily inspired by her past experiences. Her powerful voice, poignant lyrics, and undeniably catchy melodies are only amplified by her delivery and ability to appear so vulnerable but with undeniable strength and unbelievable presence.

With one look at L. Rodgers; her shaved head, extensive tattoo collection, and body-positive knockout style, it’s clear to see that she was meant to stand out and make her voice heard to affect real change.

By sharing her story through songs, Rodgers hopes to reach the millions of young women who may be going through hard times but still want to pursue their dreams.

L. performs regularly. And when Girls Behind the Rock Show sought nominations for Top Female Rockers in 2022, nearly 20 percent of all the nominations received were for L. Rodgers. The organization describes her as “a true self-made artist who lives up to the hype.”

L. Rodgers The Voice

L. Rodgers is a contestant on season 25 of The Voice. She sang a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses.”

She received coach McEntire’s chair turn. “I was just blown away with your vocal, and I was just listening and listening, and I’m like, ‘Holy crap! I’ve gotta turn around for this one!’” said McEntire. “I love your voice; I love the roundness, the fullness of it. You’re a powerhouse!”

Rodgers said her recent diagnosis of autism has answered a lot of childhood questions she once had about where she and her music were meant to fit in. “I absolutely think my autism is a huge reason why I was hyper-focused on singing,” she explained. “I swear it makes me a better songwriter. She added, ” I see patterns in everything.”

A pattern definitely developed among the Coaches after Rodgers’ performance, with more than one admitting they were inspired by her optimistic and “infectious” personality.

“Your vibe is very infectious, and I love how passionate you are about your vocals,” said John Legend, “but also about just this moment and soaking it in — I love that!”

Chance the Rapper was feeling the love, too: “I have so much love for you it’s crazy!” he said. “Just an infectious joy: Something is radiating off you. I’m really happy you get to work with Reba!”

McEntire, as it turns out, was pretty happy, as well. She said, “When L. Rodgers started to sing, I thought, ‘Wow! Emotion, clarity, range, power — everything you look for in a great singer. I think she’s terrific! Everything touched me about her voice. She was meant to be on my team!”

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L. Rodgers American Idol

She is a former American Idol contestant who began writing her music as a form of therapy after escaping a terrifying relationship in which she was trafficked.

Following the audition, she earned a golden ticket but failed to make the voting rounds.

L. Rodgers Age

She is 35 years old in 2024. Her hometown is Baltimore, Maryland.

L. Rodgers Wife

In her 20s, L. identified as bisexual and married a man but ultimately prioritized her authenticity, coming out as a lesbian and finding love with her now wife, Dara. She and Dara got married in 2016.

L. Rodgers Dad

She grew up with music, as her dad, a professional guitarist, helped nurture her talent.

L. Rodgers Illness

Growing up, L. always felt that something was different about her. It was not until a few years ago that she went deep diving into research and uncovered she was autistic. Music has been instrumental in her journey with autism.

Singing is also her special connection with her Memaw, even as she battles Alzheimer’s. L. hopes “The Voice” can showcase her talent for her Memaw and make her proud.

L. Rodgers Tattoos

The singer has the word songbird tattooed on the back of her fingers.She also has several tattoos on her arms and upper body.


Her Instagram handle is @l.rodgerthat.