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Serenity Arce is a 16-year-old singer from Jupiter, Florida. She is a contestant on the 25th season of The Voice.

Serenity is a contestant on season 25 of the American singing show, The Voice. She took part in the blind auditions alongside fellow competitors Mafe, Bri Fletcher, RLetto, Anya True, Olivia Rubini, L. Rodgers, Val T. Webb, Elyscia Jefferson, Zeya Rae, Ashley Bryant, Kamalei Kawa’a, Asher HaVon, Tae Lewis, AJ Harvey, Kyle Schuesler, Josh Sanders, Karen Waldrup, William Alexander and, Alyssa Crosby.

Serenity Arce The Voice

Serenity Arce is one of the contestants on the 25th season of The Voice. He sang a rendition of “This City” by Sam Fischer: Serenity displays a lovely tone from the opening line and has all four coaches facing her. John and Chance led the way.

But Serenity won’t be able to pick Dan + Shay, because they were blocked. Meanwhile, Serenity gets a standing ovation from the coaches. Dan said he felt that performance “deep down in my soul.” Chance called the performance “amazing” and said she could win. Reba called her voice “wonderful.” John said her voice is distinct, powerful, and crisp. Serenity decided to join Team Chance.

Serenity Arce first auditioned on The Voice in 2021. None of the four Coaches turned their chairs for her. Blake Shelton, who was a Coach at the time (Season 21), said he was glad that nobody pressed the button for Arce, who was 14 back then.

“I’m glad nobody turned around, because you’re at the point where you’re good enough to have gotten on the show, but then you probably wouldn’t have gotten that far in and that might have been discouraging for you,” Shelton said of the Jupiter, Florida, resident. “What you need is like a year.”

Arce, who said she was “grateful that Blake said that,” took two years before making another much, much more successful appearance on The Voice. Her rendition of “This City” by Sam Fischer had all the Season 25 Coaches fighting to have her join their team.

Arce, 16, said that she “put in the work” during the time between her two auditions, taking vocal lessons and letting her voice mature. (“It got a lot deeper,” she said.)

Legend, the only Coach this season who was around during Season 21 when Arce first performed, said she sounded familiar and that he was thrilled that she’d returned to the competition series.

“All of us have had people tell us no, and we’ve had to come back and say no, we’re going to try again, and that’s how we got to where we are,” Legend said, speaking for the other Coaches as well. “And I’m so proud of you for doing that.”

With Dan + Shay out of contention due to Legend’s Block, the three other Coaches each made their pitch, though it really seemed like it was between Legend and Chance.

Legend said Arce’s voice “sounds like it could be on the radio already.”

“John is covering up for the fact that he didn’t turn for you two years ago,” Chance responded. “If I was there, I would have turned for you.”

And so, Arce decided to join Team Chance.

“I’m feeling crazy right now. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the right talent for Team Chance,” the rapper said afterward. “What I love about Serenity is how developed her voice already is. Whatever I throw at her, she’ll be more than prepared for it.”

“I wasted my block! I should have blocked Chance!” Legend lamented. “The one that got away.”

Serenity Arce Age

She is 16 years old. She is from Jupiter, Florida.

Serenity Arce Family

16-year-old Serenity was accompanied to her blind auditions by her family her dad, mother, and younger brother. Her family cheered her on as she performed on stage.


Her Instagram handle is @serenity.arce.