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Angelina Nazarian Biography – Angelina Nazarian Wiki

Angelina Nazarian is a 17-year-old American singer based in Dubai. She is also a contestant on NBC’s singing show The Voice which is on its 24th season.

Nazarian was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and stayed there until the age of 5. She has spent a larger part of her life living in different countries because of her father’s career which required the family to move from one country to another. The singer can speak different languages as a result.

She began singing karaoke at a young age by singing in school assemblies, family events, and restaurants. The Voice becomes her first-ever performance in front of a large audience.

Angelina Nazarian Age

The singer is 17 years old as of 2023. She was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She currently resides in Dubai.

Angelina Nazarian The Voice

17-year-old singer Nazarian is a contestant on NBC’s The Voice blind auditions which is in its 24th season. While performing Kelly Clarkson’s ‘The Trouble With Love Is’, she earned a 2-chair-turn.

Coach Niall Horan was the first to hit the buzzer for Angelina. After a few minutes, Reba McEntire also turned around. John Legend and Gwen continued listening to the song without turning their chair.

Following Angelina’s performance, Gwen said, “Your performance was gorgeous. I have full regret mode right now for not pushing my button.”

John praised her, saying, “You’re really a powerful booklist, and the fact that you’re so young means being kind of in this pressure cooker, Gwen calls this “boot camp,” which this really is.”

Niall believed Angelina had so much to do ahead, therefore, he begged her to pick him.

Reba claimed, “I love your performance, your voice is gorgeous.” The coach was surprised knowing Angelina was just 17 years old.

Recalling her old days, Reba said, “I have gotten to do lots of fun things in my career. I’ve been heading towards since the 80s.”

Reba then regretted flaunting such a thing about herself on the stage. She teased Angelina by asking her, “Have you heard of the 80s?” She continued, “I don’t have anyone like you on my team.”

Reba expressed her gratitude to Angelina for her rendition of Clarkson’s song. She reminisced about her own experience in a competition finale when she was given the opportunity to select any singer to perform alongside her, and that’s how she first crossed paths with Clarkson.

In a gesture suggesting that Angelina could potentially achieve great success as an artist in the future, Reba encouraged the young singer to pick her as her choice.

Angelina indeed selected Reba, and the coach expressed her belief in Angelina’s immense talent and promising future.

Angelina Nazarian Father

Her parents and her sister went along with her to The Voice auditions. She currently resides in Dubai and has said her father’s occupation led her to live in various parts of the world, including Dubai.


She is American.