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Saurabh Kalra is an Indian upcycler, best known for appearing in BBC’s Make It a Market and Money for Nothing. He co-founded RetroEnterior, a Windsor upcycling business, in 2018 with fellow upcycler Fernando Donadel. The ‘E’ in their name ‘RetroEnterior’ refers to the ‘eco-friendly’ nature of their business specialising in ‘retro’ interior furniture.

Saurabh and Fernando wanted to combine their love of travelling with their passion for sustainability, and founded RetroEnterior, giving old furniture a new lease of life with colourful, exotic artwork.

Saurabh told the Maidenhead Advertiser: “When you purchase furniture, you like its usability, the size and the storage space, but over time, you feel tired of the same look. That’s where we jump in. So over time, the same furniture can have different faces.”

Saurabh, who is originally from India, is an expert in design. He said: “We, in India, like to use a lot of colour. When we travel, we visit home décor and art shops because in many European countries, such as Italy, Spain and Portugal, very vibrant colours are chosen for interior decoration, so we take inspiration from that and if possible, we source materials from there.”

Talking about the process, Saurabh said: “When we get a commission, and acquire the furniture, Fernando checks if the wood needs treatment, and makes sure it’s free of any woodworms.

“Then he ensures it’s thoroughly cleaned and sands it down. We discuss with the customer what design they want. Then we prime, and paint before sealing it with a topcoat. A bedside table, for example, can be done in three to four days.

“When we started, we did what we liked. But it took us time to understand how, without changing our own character, to adapt to other people’s needs. Over time we learned what kind of furniture is most sought after.”

Saurabh Kalra Make It a Market

Saurabh Kalra appeared in BBC’s Make It a Market show, hosted by Dom Chinea. The series follows makers including jewellers, woodworkers, potters, textilers and artists.

Saurabh Kalra Money for Nothing

Saurabh Kalra has appeared in the BBC’s Money for Nothing.