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Kenna Fields Biography – Kenna Fields Wiki

Kenna Fields is one of the Oklahoma City-based vocal trio OK3. She is a contestant on NBC’s The Voice which is on its 25th season.

Kenna, Sierra, and Courtney are childhood friends who perform together as OK3. They are named so because they are three girls from Oklahoma

The trio met through their shared vocal coach, they performed together as teenagers before splitting up and going their separate ways.

Then came The Voice, with its history of previously successful groups of contestants, and the trio saw an opportunity to reunite and pool their talents for a shot at the spotlight.

Kenna is a senior at the Academy of Contemporary Music at UCO who is majoring in contemporary music.

Kenna Fields Age

As of the time The Voice auditions were taking place, she was 22 years old. She lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States.

Kenna Fields The Voice

Kenna being part of her trio who are contestants on The Voice season 25, performed a rendition of Meghan Trainor’s “Made You Look,” on the blind auditions.

Almost immediately, three Chairs turned, as Coaches Reba McEntire, John Legend, and Dan + Shay all immediately wanted to watch the trio perform.

Coach Chance the Rapper took a little longer, before finally hitting his button and completing the Four-Chair. In the end, all five Coaches were dazzled by OK3, and that meant they had to launch serious campaigns to get the trio on their teams.

“I grew up arranging songs for groups, and then when I went to college I was like an award-winning acapella arranger,” Legend said. “If there’s nothing else that I do, I do this. I feel like there’s a lot of space for a big pop girl group right now, and I would love to be your Coach.”

“My heart is racing right now because I want you guys so bad,” Shay Mooney said. “That was my favorite performance that we’ve seen so far.”

Even as Dan + Shay made their case, Legend kept trying to get a word in, until the duo finally pointed out that they’re more than just arrangers for groups.

As Mooney put it: “We’re literally in a group! This is literally what we do!”

Legend, not to be outdone, declared “I need a partner to help me advocate,” then hit his button, summoning a bright blue inflatable tube man from behind his chair with “PICK TEAM LEGEND” plastered across its body. By the time it was Chance’s turn to talk himself up, he was almost too stunned to get his words out.

“I feel like John doing that inflatable tube man thing has taken all of my spirits away. It’s so loud and distracting,” he said. “They’re in a group, and John arranged for groups, but I have a ‘3’ hat, so…”

When it was McEntire’s turn, she also revealed props, barely starting to talk before noticing something else in her chair, and pulling out a Grammy Award.

“We have three of those in the duo/group category,” Dan + Shay countered.

“But did you bring ’em today? I travel with mine,” McEntire said.

After what was truly one of the wildest Coach debates ever seen on The Voice, OK3 was so stunned that they had to bring their vocal coach over to give them feedback. Ultimately, they went with Team Legend!

The other contestants on the show include Dani Stacy, Tae Lewis, Gene Taylor, Nadège, Josh Sanders, Maddi Jane, Nathan Chester, Donny Van Slee, Gabriel Goes, Jeremy & Justin Garcia, and Gabriel Goes.

Kenna Fields Instagram

The trio have a joint Instagram handle @officialok3.