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Gene Taylor Biography – Gene Taylor Wiki

Gene Taylor is a 33-year-old singer-songwriter who also plays guitar, bass, and keys from Brooklyn. He is a contestant on The Voice season 25 which is on NBC.

Taylor resides in Brooklyn and does various music-related teaching and performance gigs. He also performed on cruise ships and covers classic rock. He calls Journey his favorite rock band from the 1980s.

Gene has also released original music, including four singles, starting with 2019’s “Think It Over” and including “Still Hangin’ On,” “Overdose” and “Now I Can Smile.” The latter was released in January 2024.

On his website, he has written: “Telling stories – mine or someone else’s – is my calling. That’s what life is about. There’s a story in everything. It’s hard to explain the joy of being able to emote and create a new world out of thin air.

“So I sing, and write, and act,” he continues. “I literally can’t imagine doing anything else. Music and words and bring people together, changing both the storyteller and the audience. In olden times I think I would have been a traveling bard.”

During quarantine in 2020, he created a band called Alice Valentine with his three Brooklyn housemates and released a six-song EP called “Checking In.” Gene provided vocals and played bass on the project.

The New Jersey native describes his music as a “blend of soulful funky fun and catchy hooks with a low-fi vibe sensibility on Spotify.”

Gene Taylor Age

He is 33 years old as of 2024. He hails from Vernon, New Jersey, and has spent the past seven years living in Brooklyn.

Gene Taylor The Voice

Taylor is a contestant on the 25th season of The Voice. During his performance on the second episode of the season, Taylor performed Journey’s 1978 song “Lights,” dazzling all five of the Coaches with the strength and complexity of his voice.

He received a Four-Chair Turn after his Blinds performance.

John Legend, was the first to turn his chair around, followed shortly by Dan + Shay and then Reba McEntire. Chance the Rapper took a little bit longer to press his button, but he explained afterward that the delay was only because he was “really arrested by the performance.”

“I’ve always loved a tenor that can sing those beautiful big notes, but also you had so much finesse. it was so expertly done as a vocalist,” Legend said in his pitch for Taylor to join his team. He was then quick to note that he is the most senior Coach on this season and is the only one to have won before, as Team Legend triumphed in Season 16.

“Zero percent of them have won The Voice,” Legend said of the other Coaches. “I’ve won The Voice, and I’m very confident that you and I working together as a team can go very far in this completion.”

Ultimately, Taylor opted to join Team Legend.

“His tone was so interesting and cool. I heard a little soul in his voice, too. He is exactly what I was looking for,” Legend said afterward before he talked a little trash about his Coach’s competitors. “These rookies, these sophomores — they have nothing on my years of experience. I’m here to win The Voice again.”

The other contestants in season 25 include Dani Stacy, Tae Lewis, Justin & Jeremy Garcia, Nadège, Josh Sanders, Maddi Jane, Nathan Chester, Donny Van Slee, Gabriel Goes, OK3 and Gabriel Goes.

Gene Taylor Mother

She adopted him when he was just six months old after he had been abandoned at the hospital, and made sure that he and his sister had “musical enrichment” in their lives, even though she did not have a lot of resources as a single mother.

Gene Taylor Instagram

Gene Taylor’s Instagram handle is @genetaylormusic.