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Maddi Jane Biography – Maddi Jane Wiki

Maddi Jane is a 24-year-old singer from Chicago, Illinois. She is a contestant on the 25th season of The Voice.

Maddi Jane has been performing since she was young. At 9 years old, her guitar teacher posted a video of her singing to YouTube, which led to an appearance on Ellen.

She continued to post covers to YouTube, some of which have tens of millions of views, pulling in 1.5 million subscribers. A decade after that first introduction to performing on the web, Maddi moved to Los Angeles to learn production, create music, and try to make it.

She has appeared in acting projects such as “Makin’ It!” and “Pizza & Karaoke,” according to her IMDB page.

In 2023, she released her first album, Rockstar.

Maddi Jane Age

She was born Madeleine Jane Gray and is 24 years as of 2024. She is a resident of Chicago, Illinois.

Maddi Jane The Voice

Singer Maddi Jane is a contestant on the 25th season of the American singing show, The Voice. She took part in the competition by performing “Escapism” by RAYE and 070 Shake: For her Blind Audition.

The opening verse had the Coaches curious, interested, and unsure, but things changed once the chorus hit. John Legend, Chance the Rapper, and Reba McEntire all turned in quick succession. Dan + Shay closed it out for a Four-Chair Turn.

“That was so fun to listen to, and then when I turned around, so fun to actually watch you perform. You’re a star,” Legend said. “Having somebody with that level of confidence and stage presence, but also with the voice to back it up. It is not easy to rap-sing, all of that takes a lot of breath, takes a lot of rhythm and flow. You did all of that really well and we don’t get a lot of Artists like you on The Voice. I would love to have you on Team Legend.”

The rapper laid out a roadmap for Jane, highlighting his experience with blending genres and platforming young artists. In the end, Jane chose Team Chance.

All that was left was to make a decision, and Maddi answered the question with a few carefully chosen lyrics, rapping, “If one more label try to stop me,” from “No Problem” by Chance the Rapper. Team Chance it is.

The other contestants include Gene Taylor, Donny Van Slee, Nathan Chester, Gabriel Goes, Josh Sanders, and Karen Waldrup.

Maddi Jane Boyfriend

She is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Julian who is also an artist and supports her craft.

Maddi Jane Instagram

Her Instagram handle is @maddijanemusic.