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Reid Zingale Biography – Reid Zingale Wiki

Reid Zingale is a 27-year-old American singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennesse. He is a contestant on season 24 of The Voice.

The singer grew up playing sports and soccer and really did not get into music until he was in college. In a bid to follow his passion, he started songwriting.

Reid Zingale Age

Zingale is 27 years old as of 2023. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee.

Reid Zingale The Voice

Nashville native Reid Zingale is a contestant on season 24 of The Voice. He performed “July” by Noah Cyrus during the blind auditions of The Voice.

Zingale earned a two-Chair turn before the end of the first line, with Niall Horan and Gwen Stefani. Meanwhile, John Legend held on until almost the end.

Horan described the performance as “magical” and ended his plea for Zingale saying, “I just know my fans are going to love you.”

That may well be true, but the love isn’t reserved for just Horan’s fans, which Stefani made clear.

“Hi, Reid. I’m Gwen,” Stefani began, like an old friend. “…There are certain people on the show that we fall in love with as Artists…I would listen to you [on the radio]. I think you’re really great, and I would love to coach you.”

Legend also made a compelling argument, but Horan ultimately won the day.

“Reid is one to watch,” Horan said. “I always say I’m listening out for voices with character, some uniqueness, believability, Reid’s got all that in abundance.”

Zingale ended up choosing Gwen as his coach.

Reid Zingale Wife

The Nashville-based singer is married to Rachel Zingale who works as a doctor. The couple got married on May 20, 2018.

In an Instagram post, Reid wrote, “We got married when we were young. We were still figuring out what we wanted to do with our lives and did not have it all together. The one thing that remains true is that I want to always figure things out with you by my side. It is so special to share those moments with someone. You truly make me a better man. Here is to 5 years of being married to the most beautiful person in the world!”


Zingale’s Instagram handle is @zingaler.