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Brayden Lape Biography – Brayden Lape Wiki

Brayden Lape is a singer-songwriter and contestant on NBC’s The Voice. Lape hails from Grass Lake, Michigan and much of his childhood was spent outdoors. He’s a quarterback for Grass Lake High School.

At just 15, Brayden started playing 30-minute slots at restaurants in his hometown, which his little brother loves to brag about. His mom has always pushed him to be his best, even when he wasn’t confident enough to feel it himself. He hopes to make her proud by chasing his dream on “The Voice.”

6’4″ Brayden Lape plays basketball, football and baseball for Grass Lake High School in Grass Lake, Michigan.

Brayden Lape Age

The Voice contestant Brayden Lape is 16 years old as of 2022. He turned 16 in August 2022.

Brayden Lape The Voice

Grass Lake High School student Brayden Lape is a contestant on Season 22 of The Voice. The Michigan singer performed Niall Horan’s “This Town” during The Voice Blind Auditions. Throughout his Blind Audition, Camila Cabello urged Blake Shelton to push his button, and he did so at the last minute.

Gwen Stefani expressed immediate remorse after learning Lape is only 15 years old. “That explains a lot for me, your age,” she said. “Now I have super regret for not pressing my button. I’m so excited you’re on the show. Blake, thank you for turning.”

Lape may have Cabello to thank, since she was the one who hyped up Lape to Shelton. “I was like, ‘Blake, you need this person on your team.’ It’s kind of singer-songwriter folk but with a pop sensibility. I’m telling you, this guy sounds like he could be on the radio. Blake, I’m telling you, you’re ‘gonna thank me for this later. This guy is your secret weapon.” And, of course, Shelton had to throw a little shade at Cabello for this: “It took me that long to hit because I was having to listen to her say all this stuff. I was like, ‘OK, OK, let me hit the button.'”

Of course, just because Lape is on Team Blake now doesn’t mean he will be forever. “I’m crying and regretful that I didn’t turn,” Stefani said, telling Shelton, “You’re ‘gonna blow it, and I’m ‘gonna steal him.” Even Cabello jumped on this train, saying, “I might steal you, too!”

Lape, the sweet kid he is, told the Coaches, “I’m ‘gonna be with him [Shelton] as long as I can.” But even if he remains on Team Blake, Stefani told Lape, “You got Blake, but you got me, too. I’m here for you as your mom-ager.” It’s a sentiment she expressed the second she laid eyes on the young singer: “Your parents are so happy for you. Your new Coach Parents,” she said.

Brayden Lape Height

Singer Brayden Lape stands at a height of 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) tall.

Brayden Instagram

His Instagram is @brayden_lape24.