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Brailey Lenderman Biography – Brailey Lenderman Wiki

Brailey Lenderman is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennesee. She is a contestant in The Voice blind auditions which is in its 24th season.

Brailey got into music at a young age, writing songs when she was just 12. She graduated from Georgia College and State University with a degree in psychology. Originally from Roswell, Georgia she later moved to Nashville Tennessee.

When she first moved to Nashville in 2014, she was singing country music but was told that she needed to lose at least 25 pounds, that labels wouldn’t look at her unless she dressed a certain way, and even that she was already “too old” despite only being 24.

“I had an identity crisis,” Lenderman said, explaining that it all made her self-conscious and that she stopped enjoying music. But, then she went independent, and she found that being free from the labels allowed her to find joy in music again and make what she wanted to make, which she described as “singer-songwriter coffeeshop pop.”

She has had eight singles since 2018. Her debut single was a country song called “Remember All the Nights” and it is her most popular to date with over 350,000 streams on Spotify.

She has since taken her music in more of a singer-songwriter direction. Her most recent single was “Main Street,” a song about getting over a past lover. It dropped in March 2023.

In an interview with Country Note, Brailey says her family is “crazy talented in music, so it was in my blood from the beginning.”

In fifth grade, she was asked to complete a survey about what she wanted to do when she grew up. Number one on her list was singer and songwriter.

Her musical inspirations include Wilder Woods, Third Story, and The Head and Heart, according to her Spotify bio. On Facebook, she writes: “Trying to get people to cry, one song at a time.”

Brailey Lenderman Age

Lenderman is 33 years old as of 2023. She was born in Roswell, Georgia. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennesee.

Brailey Lenderman The Voice

33-year-old Brailey Lenderman is a contestant on The Voice Blind Auditions which is on its 24th season. She sang her own rendition of “If It Makes You Happy” by Sheryl Crow in The Voice Blind Auditions.

She earned two chair turns from Stefani and Horan. Reba McEntire and John Legend, both of whom only had one spot left on their teams, explained they were being selective. McEntire noted some “pitch problems,” and while Legend was grooving while Lenderman was singing, he said he “felt like there were some weird choices for some of the notes,” but that he could tell there was a lot of character in her voice.

That left Horan and Stefani bidding for Lenderman.

“The issue with picking a song that big is, you thought about the word ‘makes’ so much that sometimes the rest of the sentence was forgotten about a little bit because you’re just like I need to hit that first note in the chorus,” noted Horan, though he was not concerned about Lenderman’s long-term prospects. “That’s just audition nerves. You will not have that issue further down the line.”

For her pitch, Stefani cautioned that Lenderman shouldn’t risk getting sidetracked by Horan’s attractiveness or his accent. “You don’t want a Coach that’s going to make you distracted,” she cautioned.”

“I already have a super hot husband, so I don’t think I’ll be distracted by Niall,” she said.

“She’s an insane talent and her voice is so good,” Horan said, after meeting the singer’s husband.

“She’s right, the husband is a good-looking man,” Horan reported back to the other Coaches. “They call him Hot Tom.”

Brailey Lenderman Husband

Singer Lenderman is married to her husband, Tom Howard. The couple tied the knot on October 5, 2019. She wrote in an Instagram post, “10.05.19
Don’t settle. Don’t allow your heart to be given to someone or something that brings you sadness. Don’t rush things. Nothing in this world worth having happens over night. Work at what you love. Life is so short to do things the way others want you to. I choose to be happy, living my absolute best life. Here is to being the happiest I have ever been. If I lost everything in the world but still had Tom, I would still be the luckiest person to walk this earth. Here is to a new chapter.”

Brailey Lenderman Parents

She has stated that her parents encouraged her to pursue an education first before venturing into music. Her mother Deborah Gilleland Lenderman was present during her blinds auditions, cheering her on with her husband Tom.

Brailey Lenderman Instagram

Her Instagram handle is @braileylendermanmusic.