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Dylan Carter is a 20-year-old singer from South Carolina. He is a contestant on the 24th season of The Voice Blind Auditions.

His decision to audition on The Voice was a result of losing his mother. In his introduction, the young vocalist explained that he had grown up with music because of his mother and that one of her favorite songs was Whitney Houston’s “I Look to You.”

The song meant so much, Carter said, that his mother requested he sing it at her funeral.

Dylan Carter Age

Where is Dylan Carter from on The Voice? He is from St. George, South Carolina. The singer is 20 years old as of 2023.

Dylan Carter The Voice

The 20-year-old singer is a contestant on The Voice season 24 taking part in the blind auditions. He sang a rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Look to You.”

All four chairs were turned around to watch him complete the song. You could see him holding back emotions as he performed, but he made it through to the end of his Audition, and that is when the tears started to flow.

“So much emotion, and I saw it and I felt it when you were singing,” Reba McEntire said, fighting back tears. “That’s the kind of song that does that to me too, because I saw you get so emotionally involved, and that’s when you know you’ve got a great song and a great singer when it touches your heart.”

She continued, “To me, as a performer, that’s when you really hone in on why you’re part of this Earth, when you touch people’s hearts, and you did.”

Coach Niall Horan added, “You only get four chairs when it really moves the room.”

Gwen Stefani also noted the emotional power of Carter’s performance and gave him credit for the way he developed his vocals to deliver maximum impact.

“Your voice is so warm, but you also have so much texture to your voice, little nuances you were doing at the right exact moments that make it feel emotional,” Stefani said.

John Legend noted that it seemed like Carter was really feeling the song even beyond his performance, which gave the young singer a chance to talk about his tribute.

“When I saw y’all turn around, I saw my mom,” he said, adding that he hadn’t been able to finish the song at her funeral. “This was the best second chance.”

Legend replied, fighting back tears of his own, “We’re all very grateful that we get to do this show and we get to meet people like you, and we get to give you this opportunity to perform this song in tribute to your mom. We all felt it too, and we know your mother’s proud of you.”

McEntire, still choking back tears, then told a story about her own mother, who drove her to Nashville when her career was new and told her that she was living out her own dreams through her daughter, which motivated McEntire all the more to reach for success.

“Mamas are so special,” she said. “We’re very blessed to have ’em, right?”

That was enough for Carter. When it came time to pick his Coach, he selected McEntire, completing the Queen of Country’s 14-Artist team for Season 24.

“Something told me to go with Reba,” he said. “She could be a comforting mom figure for me.”

Dylan Carter Family

Dylan Carter lost his mother in October 2022. She died of a heart blockage. He has an older brother.


His Instagram handle is @dylancarter843.