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Jeremy Garcia is a 17-year-old musical artist and one part of the twin singers Justin and Jeremy Garcia. Alongside his twin, he is a contestant on the 25th season of NBC’s The Voice.

As a high school senior, with his twin, he recently showcased his musical talents at the Folsom Jazz Festival, the largest jazz competition in California, competing alongside his classmates.

Collaborating with his twin brother, they have gained attention for their impressive covers, including renditions of “Life Goes On” by Ed Sheeran and “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur, shared on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Beyond covers, the duo has ventured into original music, presenting “Today She Chose Me” on their YouTube channel. They have also joined forces with friends to form the garage band Unparallel, performing at festivals in the Bay area.

Their journey in the music scene began in 2011 when, at the age of 6, they went viral as the Hey Ya Twins. Their captivating dance video to OutKast’s “Hey Ya” on their Wii garnered over 8 million views on YouTube, followed by another viral hit dancing to Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song,” amassing over 10 million views.

Jeremy Garcia Age

He is 17 years old as of 2024. He comes from Millbrae, California, United States.

Jeremy Garcia The Voice

Jeremy and his twin brother Justin Garcia appear as contestants on the 25th season of The Voice. They took part in the blind auditions as musical partners performing a rendition of One Direction’s Story of My Life.

“That was unbelievable!” exclaimed Shay Mooney, expressing his amazement as he and Dan Smyers decided early in the twins’ audition to turn their dual chairs and hit the big red Coaches’ button. “Man, that was a fantastic performance. From the first time I heard you guys harmonizing, and I found out it was two people, I was like, ‘We gotta turn around — this sounds amazing!’”

Dan + Shay were not the only Coaches captivated by the well-harmonized rendition of One Direction’s “Story of My Life” by the Garcias. Chance the Rapper swiftly pivoted only seconds into their set, with Dan + Shay and Reba McEntire following closely behind.

Reba made a compelling case for the Garcias to join her team, reminiscing about her singing family background. Despite the playful banter and the use of the two-for-one Coaches’ card by Dan + Shay, Reba shared her heartfelt appreciation for the twins’ enthusiasm and connection on stage.

“Don’t let her sweet talk you,” joked Shay, attempting to speak over Reba’s lively protest. “We’ve got just the chair for you and everything!” added Dan, emphasizing the unique mentorship they offer.

In the end, Justin and Jeremy decided to join Team Dan + Shay for their Season 25 journey.

The other contestants on the show include Dani Stacy, Tae Lewis, Gene Taylor, Nadège, Josh Sanders, Maddi Jane, Nathan Chester, Donny Van Slee, Gene Taylor, OK3, and Gabriel Goes.

Jeremy Garcia Instagram

They have a joint Instagram handle @justinjeremygarcia.