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Steve Fletcher Biography – Steve Fletcher Wiki

Steve Fletcher is an English horologist and expert on BBC’s The Repair Shop. Steve is the owner of The Clock Workshop, a third-generation family business involved in clock and watch repair and restoration. He has been working with clocks for over 40 years.

Steve’s grandfather started work in Witney in 1910 and set up his own shop – a business which was carried on by Steve’s father. After gaining first class qualifications from a British Horological Institute college course in 1973, Steve began making and repairing clocks and watches himself. He regularly services clocks that his grandfather and father worked on, continuing 100 years of family craftsmanship and customer service.

Steve told the BBC how he came to be a horologist. He said: “When I was a child, I saw my father repairing watches all day long in a small workshop and thought that that wouldn’t be for me.

“I was always into nature and after watching All Creatures Great and Small on TV decided I would be a vet, so I took all the subjects at school to enable me to do this. My teachers should have told me that I wasn’t intellectual enough to be able to do the studying so after not knowing what I would do decided that I would go into the family trade.

“In 1973/4 I did a two-year British Horological Institute course in Hackney where I achieved a first-class pass and then set up my workshop where I repaired and restored clocks. My grandfather who was a retired clock and watchmaker used to come into the workshop most days to look at how I was getting on and to give me lots of advise which was invaluable.

“I’ve been repairing and restoring clocks for more than 45 years and although I know an awful lot about them, I’m still learning!

“I now run a clock and watch repair business in Witney where we have seven clockmakers including my son, two watchmakers and three admin assistants including one of my daughters who is also leaning about the mechanics of watches.

“My whole life as far back as I can remember I have pulled apart mechanical things to repair them and to see how they work so when I get something come into the Repair Shop that I haven’t seen before I am in my element!”

Steve Fletcher Repair Shop

Steve Fletcher is an expert on the award-winning restoration show The Repair Shop on BBC One. He joined the show in 2017 and is a regular alongside The Repair Shop presenter Jay Blades, his sister Suzie Fletcher, Will Kirk, Dominic Chinea, Brenton West and Kirsten Ramsay. On how Steve came to be on the Repair Shop, he told the BBC:

“In 2016 I received an email from a company that I hadn’t heard of asking if I would be interested in taking part in a brand new show. Not trusting anything that is on the internet, I nearly deleted it and would have done if my partner, Mel hadn’t stopped me saying that it all looks ok.

“I responded and a few moments later had a phone call from Shane who told me about the show and I agreed to appear on it.

“I started by doing two weeks but as soon as I said I could repair most small mechanical items I was asked to do more and so I became one of the core team.”

Asked what he loves most about being on the Repair Shop, Steve said: “There are so many great things about working in the Repair Shop. We all get on so well and have such fun working with each other. We don’t always know what is going to come in and just how difficult the challenge of the repair might be.

“I have learnt so much from the other experts who are always willing to hand on their knowledge.

“The best part of being on the Repair Shop is the reaction of people when they see their transformed item, from excitement to true deep emotion.”

Steve Fletcher Age

How old is Repair Shop’s Steve Fletcher? He was born Steven Fletcher in 1963 in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Steve is 60 years old.

Steve Fletcher Wife

Is Steve Fletcher married? The Repair Shop expert has a partner named Mel.

Steve Fletcher Children

Steve Fletcher has five children – four daughters and a son – and four grandchildren. His son, Fred Fletcher Junior, is also a clockmaker at The Clock Workshop. Fred joined the family business in 2020 as an apprentice Clockmaker after attending a Science and engineering college. One of his daughters, Milly, works as an admin assistant for the family business as well.

In October 2020, Steve shared a stunning family photo taken while on holiday in Cornwall. He wrote in the caption: “Keeping the family theme going today… I asked on my stories how many children you think I have – the answer is five, plus four grandchildren!

“We all lead such busy lives, but we try to get away to Cornwall together every year. With partners and grandchildren, there are quite a few of us, so it’s absolutely lovely to be able to enjoy precious time in each other’s company.”

Steve Fletcher Sister

His older sister is fellow The Repair Shop cast member Suzie Fletcher. She was inspired to join the show by Steve who encouraged her to join the team. Suzie is a master saddler and leather expert. She has been restoring saddles and leather goods for over forty years.

Steve Fletcher Family

Steve’s Grandfather and father were both clockmakers. Steve’s grandfather, Fred Fletcher, started repairing clocks and watches when he was still at school and started his apprenticeship at White’s watch repairers on Batt Hill, Witney in 1910. He returned to the trade after serving in the army in the First World War and eventually started his own clock and watch repair business in The Crofts. He was still repairing clocks when he died in 1982.

Steve’s father, John Fletcher, started repairing watches while he was still at school and, after national service, joined the family business. He became one of the area’s main trade watch repairers, working for a number of Oxford jeweller’s shops. He carried on repairing watches until his untimely death in 2007.

Are Steve Fletcher and Suzie Fletcher Twins?

Although Steve Fletcher and Suzie Fletcher are siblings, they are not twins. Steve is the younger brother of Suzie.

Steve Fletcher Net Worth

Steve’s net worth is estimated to be €1.5 million.

Steve Fletcher Instagram

Steve Fletcher’s Instagram handle is @stevefletcher.clocks.

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