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Suzie Fletcher Biography – Suzie Fletcher Wiki

Suzie Fletcher is an English master saddler and leather expert. She is a member of the award-winning restoration show The Repair Shop on BBC One, where family heirlooms are restored to their former glory by a team of craftsmen and women. She has been restoring saddles and leather goods for over forty years.

In an interview with The Repair Shop, Suzie Fletcher talked about how she came to be a master saddler and leather expert. She said: “I have been nuts about horses ever since I can remember and can vividly recall from a very young age making saddles and bridles for my rocking horse and Cindy horse. With the influence of my mother, who was very skilled in designing and making clothes and my father being a watch maker, it’s no surprise I found a way to combine my interests in design and horses to become a saddle maker. I started my training in the saddlery trade in the mid 1970’s and now as a Master Saddler, I specialise in designing making saddles for women.

“As an awkward horse-mad teenager, a series of events led me to meet our then local saddler Ken Langford. He told me my saddle tree was broken and there was nothing he could do to repair it. I’d had to save up for the saddle (used) so I was devastated to hear this news. Ken suggested I take the saddle apart and see how they’re made. I did this and numbered the pieces while doing so I could then remake the saddle.

“I took the saddle back to Ken and showed him what I’d done, I also announced I wanted to become a Master Saddler! I was 14 years old at the time and it was a very male dominated trade, we are talking the 1970’s, but Ken didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t and played a huge part in my training. To this day, now in his 80’s, Ken is still my mentor, second father and best friend.”

Suzie Fletcher The Repair Shop

Equestrian and leather expert Suzie Fletcher joined the much-loved series, The Repair Shop, in 2017 after returning to the United Kingdom from America following the loss of her husband. Suzie told the BBC about how she came to on The Repair Shop.

“I lived in America for many years but after the loss of my husband I decided to return home to the UK. While making arrangements to move home my brother Steve would Skype me regularly as he always did and told me he was involved in this new BBC TV show called The Repair Shop,” Suzie said.

“Every time he called he looked to be having such a good time I jokingly said, “If they need anyone to do leather I’m your gal.” I really was joking but after several phone calls and a lot of reassurance from Steve I agreed to give it a go and joined the team at the beginning of season two. I’m so happy I did as this is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever been involved with it’s also helped me through some very dark days.”

Asked what she loves most about being on the Repair Shop, Suzie Fletcher said: “I’m grateful to be a part of such a close family and to be given the opportunity to make a difference to others on so many levels.

“The Repair Shop not only shares wonderful stories, it showcases a variety of skills helping to inspire a new generation of skilled people both young and not so young. But the very best part of being on The Repair Shop is making people happy, there is no better feeling.”

Suzie Fletcher Age

Although she has not confirmed her age, she has previously mentioned she began her craft in 1975 at the age of 14. This makes her to be around 59 years old as of 2021.

Suzie Fletcher Family

Suzie’s mother was very skilled in designing and making clothes while her father was a watch maker. She is a sister to Steve Fletcher, who is also a member of the award-winning restoration series The Repair Shop. Steve is a horologist and lover of all things clock work. Their grandfather and father were both clockmakers and Steve has been working with clocks for over 40 years.

Suzie Fletcher Repair Shop Husband

Suzie Fletcher’s husband passed away in 2013 from pancreatic cancer. Suzie lived with her husband in Colorado, the United States for 22 years. She decided to return to the UK after “after the loss of my husband”. Her husband was an American who worked as a heavy-equipment machine operator.

She told the Times: “I lived with my husband in Colorado for the next 22 years, we never had children, and it was very much a western life, a ranching life. Me, this English chick, plopped right into America’s heartland. You’d see tumbleweed rolling by sometimes.”

Suzie Fletcher Children

Does Suzie Fletcher have a child? Suzie and her late husband never had children. She told the Times: “I lived with my husband in Colorado for the next 22 years, we never had children.”

Suzie Fletcher Net Worth

Suzie Fletcher’s net worth is estimated to be €1 million.

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