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Kirsten Ramsay Biography – Kirsten Ramsay Wiki

Kirsten Ramsay is a professional ceramic conservator and restorer and expert on BBC’s The Repair Shop. She started her career undertaking a 2-year postgraduate diploma in ceramic and related materials conservation at the internationally renowned West Dean College in West Sussex.

In 1991 Ramsay gained a British Antiques Dealer Association postgraduate Diploma in the conservation & restoration of ceramics, glass, and related materials. Experience gained during the training included an internship at The V&A Museum in London and Brighton Museum.

Following graduation, she gained invaluable professional experience working in the Ceramics Conservation department at The British Museum in London. In 1995, whilst continuing part-time employment with The British Museum she established her own business as a professional Ceramic Conservator and Restorer in Brighton.

Her private practice, Kirst​en Ramsay Ceramic Conservation and Restoration is an established business based in West Sussex, United Kingdom. The business specialises in the restoration and conservation of oriental and European ceramics and a wide range of other related materials, earthenware, painted plaster, alabaster, enamels, glass, cloisonné and micro mosaic. Clients include private collectors, public institutions, antique professionals, auction houses and the general public.

In an interview with the BBC, Kirsten Ramsay, an associate member of the Institute of Conservation (Icon), revealed how she became an expert in her field, saying: “I became a Ceramic Conservator through an interest in visual arts and a love of museums. Conservation is a career that never stands still. We are always looking for new methods, approaches and techniques to improve and look after a wide variety of objects from our ancient past to modern day.

“Practitioners have to have good hand-eye skills, endless patience and problem-solving abilities. It combines colour, design, texture and history, the piece often being the key to unlocking our social history from very modest everyday items to rare one-off pieces.”

Kirsten Ramsay The Repair Shop

Kirsten Ramsay is the resident ceramics conservator and expert on BBC’s The Repair Shop. She has regularly appeared on the multi-award-winning restoration show since 2017. On how she got to be on The Repair Shop, Ramsay told the BBC:

“I was contacted by the team at Ricochet to take part in TRS and thought that someone was winding me up. Restoration has always seemed rather niche and nerdy – I couldn’t believe that there was going to be a mainstream programme showcasing the skills of a team of restoration experts! How wonderful!”

On her most memorable or challenging repair to date: “The alabaster light shade has been the item that has given me sleepless nights. It’s such an unforgiving material, soft and translucent and yet needing to have the strength once reassembled to hang safely again. A touching story and an incredible challenge. To see it illuminated and hanging again felt a real achievement.”

On what would be her dream repair: “Each piece has its own challenges, but I love it when we can work together. Different experts bring their own skills and experience to a collaboration.

“Community projects also feel very special, especially if we can share our skills to get the project done. There is a real satisfaction seeing a community come together, united by something that we have brought back to life.”

On what she loves most about being on the Repair Shop: “The Repair Shop is a wonderful community and I love being a part of a creative and kind team hopefully making a small difference to the people that come through the barn doors.”

Kirsten Ramsay Age

Kirsten Ramsay’s age is unclear. She is in her mid-40s.

Kirsten Ramsay Repair Shop Husband

Is Kirsten Ramsay married? The Repair Shop expert hasn’t revealed details about her marriage. It is unknown whether she has a husband.

Kirsten Ramsay Family

It’s unknown whether The Repair Shop expert Kirsten Ramsay has any children.

Kirsten Ramsay Nationality

She is of British nationality.

Kirsten Ramsay Net Worth

The Repair Shop expert Kirsten Ramsay’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.


She stands at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches (1.7m) tall.

Kirsten Ramsay Instagram

Kirsten Ramsay’s Instagram is @cabin.girl.