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Julyan Wallis Repair Shop Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Bio, Married

Julyan Wallis Biography – Julyan Wallis Wiki

Julyan Wallis, also known as The Guitar Doctor, is a professional guitar repairer and expert on BBC’s The Repair Shop. He is the owner of The Guitar Doctor in Cornwall, UK. The Guitar Doctor undertakes professional repairs to all fretted instruments and has been in operation since June 1992.

Wallis was interested in fixing guitars after he started playing around the age of 12, growing up in Penzance and Newlyn. After leaving school, he worked with his dad as a builder/labourer.

In 1991 Wallis pursued a business course and applied for a Prince’s Trust Bursary, which he was awarded and officially started to trade as ‘Professional Guitar Repair and Tuition’ in June 1992.

Initially, Wallis was teaching guitar privately from his small workshop in his house, and over the coming years started to teach in 12 local Primary Schools, the YMCA, Penwith College’s Adult Education Programme and the repairs were probably 30-40% ratio to the teaching, according to his The Guitar Doctor bio.

Wallis dropped teaching gradually between 2005 and 2012 and continued to teach in only 2 primary schools; Alverton and Heamoor, where he has been for more than 20 years.

Julyan Wallis Age

The Repair Shop expert Julyan Wallis was born in 1969.

Julyan Wallis Wife

Is Julyan Wallis married? The Repair Shop expert is married to Bonnie Wallis. They have been married since June 2002. On their 10th Wedding Anniversary, on 29 June 2022, Wallis shared a sweet message to his wife on Instagram, writing: “Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary @bonniewallis123 We’ve come a long way, and still some milestones to look forward to. Love you.”

Julyan Wallis The Repair Shop

Julyan Wallis is a stringed instrument expert on BBC1’s multi-award winning show ‘The Repair Shop’. Julyan – or Jules as he is known – made his first appearance on the hit programme in November 2019.

On how he got to be part of the BBC One programme, Julyan told Cornwall Live: “Blimmin’ heck, I just had this phone call out of the blue in 2019 from the production company saying ‘we like what you do and your website caught our eye’. My mate Todd Barden made a directional video to find me as I’m up a back lane and everyone gets lost; we made this stupid video and they saw that and wanted someone with personality apparently … but they chose me instead!

“I was going to hang up … I thought it was PPI. A production company called Ricochet … I thought I’ve heard of them, and then she said The Repair Shop and I thought I should be on that because I can waffle on. That’s how it all started.”

He added: “From the minute I walked in there, they’re so welcoming. It sounds really weird, but it is like another family, even the crew – they’re all warm and friendly. The show’s so endearing you think it can’t actually be like that, but it is. In fact, it’s better than that. I love them all to bits.”

Julyan Wallis Instagram

Julyan Wallis’ Instagram is @julyan_wallis_guitar_repairer.