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Cormac Roth Biography – Cormac Roth Wiki

Cormac Roth was a musician and son of actor Tim Roth. A graduate of Bennington College in Vermont, Roth’s passion for music began when he was a child. He went on to become a guitarist, composer and producer. Roth released the album Python in 2018 and also assisted with the music for Michel Franco’s 2020 film New Order. He had also been releasing music on Soundcloud.

Cormac Roth Age

He died on 16 October 2022. He was 25 years old.

Cormac Roth Family

Cormac is survived by his parents, Tim and Nikki Roth, his elder brother Hunter Roth, as well as half-brother, Jack. His father is the star of such films as “Reservoir Dogs,” “Pulp Fiction” and “The Incredible Hulk.”

Cormac Roth Death

Cormac Roth passed away on October 16, 2022, at the age of 25 after a battle with stage three germ cell cancer, his family announced.

“He was a wild and electric ball of energy and his spirit was filled with light and goodness,” his family said in a statement. “As wild as he was, Cormac was also the embodiment of kindness. A gentle soul who brought so much happiness and hope to those around him. The grief comes in waves, as do the tears and laughter, when we think of that beautiful boy across the 25 years and 10 months that we knew him. An irrepressible and joyful and wild and wonderful child. Only recently a man. We love him. We will carry him with us wherever we go.”

Cormac Roth Cause of Death

Cormac Roth died from germ cell cancer. The guitarist and composer revealed on his Instagram account that he had been diagnosed with stage 3 germ cell cancer in November 2021.

“In November of 21, I was diagnosed with stage 3 germ cell cancer. Since then I’ve been fighting it daily, throwing everything I can at it. Chemo, high dose chemo, medication, transplants, transfusions, surgeries etc,” Cormac wrote in the caption of his July Instagram post alongside a video of him playing the guitar.

“It is called Choriocarcinoma, it is rare, and it has managed to stay many steps ahead of me no matter what I throw at it. It has taken away half of my hearing, 60pounds of weight, my confidence, and will continue its murderous path until I can manage to stop it somehow, and kill it. But it hasn’t taken away my will to survive, or my love of making music. It hasn’t taken me down yet. If you or someone you love is effected by cancer, please feel free to reach out for it is an emotional rollercoaster unlike anything else.

“Love to you all please make sure to do the things that you love. Life is short. It is chaos. And you never know when it’s going to be you. Be well and go to the doctor. F cancer.”

Cormac Roth Instagram

Roth’s Instagram is @cormacroth.

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