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Nick Hall Biography – Nick Hall Wiki

Nick Hall is an auctioneer, valuer and antiques expert. He has appeared regularly on BBC’s Bargain Hunt and Flog it! He has a wealth of experience as an auctioneer and valuer of antiques, fine art, 20th-century design and collectables

Nick is the Director of Fine Art at Henry Adams Fine Art Auctioneers in Chichester, West Sussex. He joined the Fine Art team at the Chichester Saleroom in January 2024.

Before joining Henry Adams Fine Art Auctioneers, Nick was an Associate Director and Principal Auctioneer and Valuer at Bentley’s Fine Art Auctioneers based in Cranbrook, Kent. Bentley’s Antique & Fine Art Auctioneers was originally founded by Raj Bisram and Wilfred Wheaton in 1995 as Cranbrook Auction Rooms. On Wilf’s retirement, Raj was joined by his co-director Mark Foster in 1996 and the company became Bentley’s Antique & Fine Art Auctioneers Ltd in 2000. Nick Hall joined Bentley’s in 2017 as Associate Director and Principal Auctioneer and Valuer, and was responsible for the day-to-day management of Bentley’s, with Mark and Raj working in consultancy and auctioneering roles.

He is a former Principal Auctioneer and Valuer at Wright Marshall Fine Art Auctioneers in Knutsford.

Nick Hall Bargain Hunt

Auctioneer Nick Hall is an expert on the BBC’s Bargain Hunt, presented by Caroline Hawley, Charlie Ross, Christina Trevanion, Danny Sebastian, Eric Knowles, Natasha Raskin Sharp and Roo Irvine. He got involved in Bargain Hunt after he was first involved with the BBC as an antiques expert with Flog it!

“I was first involved with the BBC as an antiques expert with Flog it! in around 2006/2007, and then sometime later, when hosting Bargain Hunt as the auctioneer, I was asked to join them too, and I’ve loved every minute of it,” he told the BBC.

Speaking about his best ever Bargain Hunt find, Nick said: “It has to be filming at Stamford – I was with two wonderfully energetic elderly ladies (one being Maeve the Rave). I managed to find a pair of interesting and unusual Japanese vases that I thought had great potential. Maeve didn’t like them, the auctioneer didn’t like them, until they sold for a whopping £500 profit, then everyone liked them!”

Career in Antiques

BBC TV Antiques Expert Nick Hall chose a career in antiques after he left sixth form college in Sussex. He told the BBC: “In my late teens after I left sixth form college in Sussex, I decided that rather than go onto further education, I’d get out into the real world, get my hands dirty and find something interesting to earn a living at! With no set career path in mind, I approached several local businesses that looked interesting to see if they had any openings, including a theatre, radio station and among other things the local auctioneers.

“I started at the auctioneers the following Monday as a porter and very quickly ‘got the bug’ for antiques and art and developed a hunger to learn about this fascinating and wonderful enigma of a business. With a combination of onsite learning, fine art courses and reading everything, I rose to senior valuer and director at that same saleroom.”

Nick Hall Wife

Is Bargain Hunt expert Nick Hall married? He is married with children. Auctioneer Nick Hall shared a series of photos of his wife on Facebook in July 2014. Spending time with his kids, family and friends is important to him.