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Caroline Hawley is an antiques dealer, auctioneer, valuer, and TV personality. She has been one of the experts on BBC programmes like Flog It!, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Bargain Hunt. She and her husband John own and run Hawleys Auctioneers & Valuers, based in North Cave and Beverley in East Yorkshire. Caroline opened her first shop, Penny Farthing Antiques, in South Cave in 1983 she has been involved in the antique business ever since. John started working in his father’s antique shop in Beverley in 1966, he had some time off for bad behaviour but returned full-time in1986 and has been dealing and now auctioneering and valuing since then.

Caroline ducked out of school in her teens and went off to study drama in London hoping to become an actress. “At school, I was very good at staring out of the window,” she told The Yorkshire Post in an Interview. “But there was a lovely teacher called Mrs Atwood, who looked after our Latin education. People say these days, ‘Latin? What use is that?’ but it is, in fact, the root of European languages, and it helps to understand how words were formed. It also opened doors into my understanding of the history of things.”

In London, she spent most of her time haunting the markets at Camden and Portobello, rather than in classes. She returned home and joined a small theatre group, The Market Cross Company, in Beverley. After that foray into the world of theatre, she opened her own shop, Penny Farthing Antiques, in South Cave, and built up a reputation as a savvy dealer. The shop was in one small cottage, the family lived in the equally small one next door.

She decided to study French at the University of Hull, graduating with a degree in French in 2010. “I still find great pleasure in visiting the French antiques markets, where at least I can do a bit of haggling in their own tongue, and I love their attitude which seems to be far more relaxed than over here. In the UK, traders will get there early and stay there late, and maybe, when lunchtime comes around, they’ll have a sandwich from a carrier bag under the table. In France, the stall is cleared, a tablecloth is spread, and out comes some wine, and they have a lovely picnic. Who wouldn’t warm to that?”

Her interest in antiques came from “When I went to auctions and bring and buy sales, things like that, in our village hall. I soon began selling little things of my own – but always for local charities. There was also a tip that we discovered, as kids, where people from decades back had just chucked things away – broken bits and pieces, old glass bottles for pop, things like that. To me, it was fascinating because everything told a story. I still love that aspect of the business, when I find something in, say, a house clearance or a valuation day, I always seem to look beyond any potential worth it may have, and I think to myself ‘Who owned this, who loved it, what is it telling me? What is the history here?’”

Caroline Hawley Age

Caroline was born in 1967.

Caroline Hawley Husband

Is Caroline Hawley married? She is married to her husband John Hawley, a former footballer. During his career, John played for several teams including Hull City, St. Louis Stars, Leeds United, Sunderland, Arsenal, Leyton Orient, Bradford City, and Scunthorpe United. She and John have been married since 2008. They own and run Hawleys Auctioneers, based in North Cave and Beverley, East Yorkshire. She was previously married to her first husband Phil.

Caroline Hawley Children

Caroline has two sons, James and Charles with her first husband Phil.

Caroline Hawley Family

Her father had a good job at British Aerospace and her mum was a secretary in the French department at Hull University.

Caroline Hawley Instagram

Caroline Hawley’s Instagram handle is @caroline_e_hawley. Her Twitter handle is @hawley_caroline. Her Twitter bio reads, “Partner in Hawleys Auctioneers Beverley East Yorkshire BBC TV expert on Bargain Hunt, Flog-it and Put Your Money.”

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