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Jo Chan Biography – Jo Chan Wiki

Jo Chan is the Executive Chef at Eberly in Austin, Texas. She graduated from San Diego State University before attending the San Diego Culinary Institute.

In 2012, she moved to New York City, where she began her culinary career at Nobu Fifty-Seven. After a year at Nobu, she went to work at Chef Jonathan Waxman’s famed Barbuto restaurant in the West Village, advancing rapidly from the position of line cook to Sous Chef to, eventually, Interim Executive Chef. She worked under Waxman for three years, learning about developing flavor profiles around local ingredients and bottom-up cooking.

Her time at Barbuto brought her to the kitchen of fellow Barbuto alumni Justin Smillie, who collaborated with Stephen Starr to create Upland. Under Smillie’s direction, Jo learned to make food with passion and dedication, and to create dishes with bold, delicious flavors.

Chef Jo then traveled to Scandinavia as the travelling Executive Chef for James Beard winner Marcus Samuelsson during his Nordic Cookbook Tour. She and Marcus sought to bring local flavors and seasonal cooking to his American-inspired restaurants, Kitchen & Table, located throughout Scandinavia. While there, they did a series of dinners with the idea of bringing Thanksgiving to Americans living abroad.

She moved to Austin in 2018, where she became Executive Chef at Eberly, a restaurant created by Stubbs barbeque founders John Scott and Eddy Patterson. John and Eddy crafted Eberly as a bastion of timeless elegance, going so far as to import a historic, century-old bar from New York to serve as the restaurant’s centerpiece called Cedar Tavern. At Eberly, Jo has created a menu featuring delicious, classic fare with seasonal ingredients.

Jo Chan Top Chef

Chef Jo Chan is a contestant on season 19 of “Top Chef: Houston,” the popular reality TV cooking competition alongside 14 other chefs.

Jo Chan Age

She is 32 years old.

Jo Chan Partner

She lives with her beautiful fiancée, who is an English professor at Texas State University, and their two perfect dogs, Blue and Luna. They have been together since October 2020 and got engaged in May 2021. Jo proposed to her partner at ZD Wines, a Rutherford winery in the Napa Valley on the Silverado Trail in California. They are set to get married in August 2022.

On February 20, 2022, Jo shared a stunning photo with her fiancée, writing, “She’s beautiful. She’s brilliant. She’s a Chaucerian, a triathlete, a Canadian. She’s the foundation of our home, the keeper of my secrets, the voice of reason in all our decisions. She’s Blue and Luna’s mom, and in 180 days, she will be my wife!”

Jo Chan Nationality

She is of Chinese Filipino nationality.

Jo Chan Ethnicity

She is of Asian ethnicity.

Jo Chan Top Chef Gender

Top Chef Season 19 Contestant Jo Chan is female. The chef uses “She / Her / Hers” pronouns.

Jo Chan Instagram

Jo’s Instagram handle is @chefjochan.