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Danny Sebastian Biography – Danny Sebastian Wiki

Danny Sebastian is a British antiques expert and a Television personality. He is one of the most popular experts on BBC1’s ‘Bargain Hunt’ and ‘Street Auction’. The CBeebies’ Junk Rescue host is best known for his regular appearances on BBC’s ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’, a series where consumer experts were put to the test against each other to make profit putting their own money and reputations on the line. His TV career began when he was originally featured in a pilot version of the BBC series “Del Boys and Dealers”. Antiques dealer Danny went on to appear on BBC1’s ‘Dealing with Dickinson’.

Danny was born and raised in Northampton, United Kingdom. His parents had moved from the Dominican Republic to the United Kingdom. When he was just 15 years old, tragedy struck his family when his father died. The death of his father got him depressed for years. He also served four years in jail after being associated with crimes such as robbery and violence. Danny may have had a ‘misspent’ youth but he is a different man now. These days he is a gentle giant who sees himself as more of a lover than a fighter!

Antiques dealer Danny Sebastian has always been interested in collecting things; growing up he was taught that you can always make something good out of junk and from the age of 8 would accompany his mum to the auction house.

He funded his own business by raising money from working in warehouses to buy a van and started buying and selling antiques. He has the eye for an antique bargain and his knowledge of antiques and vintage is encyclopaedic, gleaned from years of reading up. His particular interest and expertise is in 20th century antique furniture. He travels all over the country in his Afrojunk van which bears the slogan ‘specialists in the nicer things in life’ visiting car boot sales, auctions and antique fairs.

His biggest profit at auction… A large glass desk that was a Premier League Footballers, bought for £170 and sold for £900. A piece of vintage luggage bought for £35 and sold for almost £400. A Frenchman drove from France to pick up a red 1950s cocktail bar that he bought for £110 and sold for £1000+, “it looked real special and I always wondered whether he knew something about it that I didn’t,” Danny told BBC’s Bargain Hunt.

Danny Sebastian Illness – Danny Sebastian Heart Attack

In August 2019, antiques dealer Danny Sebastian revealed on Twitter that he had suffered an illness related to the heart. It led to speculations that he had suffered a heart attack. Sebastian wrote on Twitter: “I thought I was fit, I looked it, I felt it, I believed it, but internally I wasn’t. Our arteries can get clogged up, create problems and even death. We must eat healthy, exercise, sleep plenty & stress little & NEVER smoke. I’m lucky but not all of us are. Look after yourself.”

Danny Sebastian Age

He was born and raised in Northampton, United Kingdom. He is in his 50s.

Danny Sebastian Wife

Is Danny Sebastian married? He is married to his wife Joanne Sebastian. Danny and his partner Joanne have three daughters together. Danny lives in his vintage emporium home in Wellingborough, England with his partner Joanne and three daughters.

Danny Sebastian Net Worth

Danny Sebastian’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Danny Sebastian Height

He stands at a height of 6 feet 4 inches (1.93m) tall.

Danny Sebastian Instagram

The antiques dealer does not have an Instagram page. His Twitter handle is @mrsebdaniel. His Twitter bio reads: “Sustainable living through buy/sell thrifting & a plant based diet keeps me going. Specialist in the nicer things in life. TV Presenter.”

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