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Melissa Drabble Biography – Melissa Drabble Wiki

Melissa Drabble (née Downhill) is an antiques dealer and expert on The Bidding Room and The Vintage French Farmhouse on BBC One. She previously appeared in Flipping Profit and Storage Hunters UK.

Melissa and her husband Mark own Tin Man Scrap Metal Recycling, a family-owned business based in Buxton at Harpur Hill Business Park. Tin Man Scrap offer ways to dispose of your scrap metal waste in Derbyshire, High Peak and Cheshire. The company has been featured on Discovery Plus or Quest on the TV show Scrap Kings.

The reclaim side came from the amazing things they would find in the yard and led to Melissa’s TV fame. She told Quest Media Network: “We would save things we thought could be re-used from being crushed and thrown away and dedicated half of the business to our found stock.

“I’ve managed to build up a following with the reclaim as it’s so fashionable nowadays to have real items from yesteryear and renovating/restoration is such a big industry.”

In 2020, Melissa and Mark were also both finalists for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in the Family Business Entrepreneur of the Year category.

Melissa Drabble Antiques

Melissa is an antiques dealer. Her greatest antique discovery is “a rare 1930s cocktail shaker. It is made of thick, heavy Bakelite in bright cherry red with a silver-plated top. It was designed by family duo Raphael & Lawson Clarke, who created a range of small homeware pieces for the prestigious Regent Street shop Wilson & Gill, which opened in 1892. They were seen as the Rolls Royce of cocktail shakers and are very rare indeed.

“I found it while working on series three of The Bidding Room; it’s in mint condition and has clearly never been used. It has eight cocktail recipes embossed into the metal, which makes a lovely design feature; twist the top and the next is revealed. I’m smitten with its cool Art Deco charm and am going to keep it as an investment and something to cherish.”

Melissa Drabble Age

She was born on 30 January 1982 in Stockport, Cheshire, England. She is 41 years old as of 2023.

Melissa Drabble Husband

Is Melissa Drabble married? She is married to her husband Mark Drabble. They have been married since September 2021.

Melissa Drabble Wedding

Melissa and Mark Drabble were wed at St Peter’s church in Buxton in September 2021. The couple said they paid £6,500 for a wedding they believe would have cost about £30,000. The Drabbles said they had the idea for a second-hand wedding when they began to spot things they liked among the waste people were dumping.

Melissa said: “We decided to get married quite suddenly and, with the nature of our work, we come across so many things every day.
We looked at stuff and thought ‘oh, we can use this for the wedding’. Before we knew it, I was having a little challenge with myself to try to get things from work. With a little bit of paint and TLC, we made stuff out of what we were finding.”

She said she saved money on a wedding bouquet by getting a friend to make one from paper flowers, rather than fresh ones. The couple borrowed crockery from friends who ran pubs for their wedding reception and swapped some old filing cabinets for the chairs they used. The tables were free from a pub that was set to be demolished.

Melissa Drabble Family

The Bidding Room Melissa and her husband Mark Drabble have two children.

Melissa Drabble Bidding Room

Melissa is one of the dealers on the BBC One series, The Bidding Room, in which a group of expert dealers attempt to outbid each other to buy extraordinary items brought in by the public. She become one of the new dealers on Series Two following the success of Series One.

“I was approached by the programme’s producers Ricochet, who also make The Repair Shop, to become one of the new dealers on series two following the success of series one because of my background and love for buying and selling antiques and collectables and anything weird and wonderful,” said Melissa.

Melissa Drabble Flipping Profit

Melissa starred in Flipping Point. In the BBC series Flipping Profit, experienced money makers from three different disciplines are put into competition with each other. Each episode brings together an antiques expert, a wheeler-dealer trader and an inspiring upcycler who then have one day to compete for the best deals in town. Episode 1 of the first series saw antiques expert Roo Irvine, trader Melissa Downhill and artisan blacksmith Kevin Paxton head to Dunfermline to find some bargains they can each flip for cash.

Melissa Drabble The Vintage French Farmhouse

Antiques dealer Melissa Drabble is one of the dealers on The Vintage French Farmhouse on BBC1.

Melissa Drabble Instagram

Melissa Drabble’s Instagram handle is reclaim_queen.