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Roo Irvine Wiki – Roo Irvine Biography

Roo Irvine is a Scot and a BBC Antiques Roadtrip Expert who along with her husband owns an antique shop in Kilcreggan. She is one of the experts in the BBC One show Antique Road Trip and often partners with Philip Serrell. She has also been featured on BBC Flipping Profit which was up for release in 2008. Additionally, she was also added as one of the members of the Hanson Auctioneers team where she joined in the capacity of a valuer and expert for Scotland and the borders. She is the owner and operates a website called Kilcreggan Antiques in which her store supplies antiques and collectible articles both from the shop as well as their online retail website.

Her career in antiques was a result of a family loss. With her husband, they worked in the marketing world and a big, heart-breaking change in their family circumstances a few years ago, made them step away from life for a while. When they went back to normal, they opened a small antique shop in the village and one-day Antiques Roadtrip came visiting with Paul Laidlaw. She was asked to join the team, and that’s is how she became part of the team.

She got involved in Bargain Hunt when she had been on Antiques Roadtrip for 2 years when was approached by the Bargain Hunt Team and asked if she would like to get on board. That is how she took the opportunity. She does collect Georgian glass mainly but her passions are Georgian Glass, Art Glass, Jewellery (especially Mourning Jewellery), and the weird and the wonderful!

She also has a background in marketing.

Roo Irvine Husband

She is married to her husband, Mark Irvine since October 14, 2012. He runs an alternate company in his house called Kilcreggan Guitars. They reside in the West Coast of Scotland in a village called Kilcreggan in Argyll and Bute.

Roo Irvine Parents

According to her website, in 2013 her father passed away leaving her mum behind.

Roo Irvine Height

She stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch tall.

Roo Irvine Instagram

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