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Mark Stevens Antique Dealer Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Son, Net Worth, Dickinson’s Real Deal, Brighton, Married at First Sight

Mark Stevens Biography – Mark Stevens Wiki

Mark Stevens is a British antiques dealer and jewellery expert on ITV’s Dickinson’s Real Deal and Secret Dealers. He is the owner of M&C Stevens Jewellery, in Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom.

With over 3 generations worth of experience in the Jewellery trade, M&C Stevens offers a “buying experience like no other. Jewellery is our passion so whether you’re looking to sell a diamond ring that was a gift you no longer want or a watch that was past down from inheritance, we are here to buy your goods for the most respectable price in the business,” according to the Jewellery shop’s website.

“You’ll be benefiting from our knowledge, integrity and expertise throughout the buying process,” the shop adds. “If you need to know more about what we do then tune into ITV’s Dickinson Real Deal and see Mark doing what he does best, providing his customers with best the service around.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mark also worked as a jewellery expert for one of the leading provincial auction houses, as well as with Rdf. He has worked with many cancer charities including the Chestnut Tree House near Worthing.

Mark Stevens Age

Dickinson’s Real Deal dealer Mark Stevens was born in August 1964.

Mark Stevens Wife

Antiques expert Mark Stevens is married to his wife Carol Ann Stevens. They have a son named Jack Stevens.

Mark Stevens Son

Dickinson’s Real Deal star Mark Stevens’ son Jack Stevens was a contestant on Channel 4’s Married At First Sight in 2019. The controversial Channel 4 show sees strangers meeting at the altar after being matched up by relationship experts and psychologists.

Mark made a surprise appearance on Married At First Sight. However, the antiques expert was slammed for being unkind about his son’s plans, and his future daughter-in-law’s looks.

Jack returned to Brighton to tell his parents his plans, and while mum Carol was encouraging, Mark was far from supportive. He said: “You need your head looked at. I’m going to send you to somebody, what if it goes wrong?”

However, Mark later used his antiques knowledge to help him choose the perfect ring for his secret bride… but that’s where his support ended.

Before the ceremony, Mark waxed lyrical about the kind of woman he wanted to see his son meet at the altar. He said: “I hope she is quite slim, athletic, well-spoken… Hopefully a fun-loving girl.”

After seeing his new daughter-in-law Verity, he prompted a string of furious tweets by making “shallow” comments about her appearance. He whispered to Carol that the marriage won’t last, adding, “I know my son!”

Mark Stevens Dickinson’s Real Deal

Jewellery expert Mark Stevens is a dealer on Dickinson’s Real Deal, hosted by David Dickinson. Some dealers featured in the series include Alison Chapman, Henry Nicholls, Karen Dalmeny, Tim Hogarth, Simon Schneider, Stewart Hofgartner, Jan Keyne, James Layte, Fay Rutter and Tracy Thackray-Howitt.

Mark Stevens Net Worth

Jeweller Mark Stevens’ net worth is estimated to be £1 million.


Mark Stevens’ Instagram handle is @markstevensjewellery.