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Jan Keyne Biography – Jan Keyne Wiki

Jan Keyne is an antiques dealer and dealer on Dickinson’s Real Deal. Keyne worked as an antique dealer at Millin Investments Limited, an antique dealer at Agan Contracts Limited, a director at J B K Contracts Ltd, an antique dealer at J L K Limited and a fine art dealer at Hampshire Gallery Limited.

Keyne is a long-time exhibitor at the Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair in Battersea as Town & Country, according to the Antiques Trade Gazette.

Jan Keyne Dickinson’s Real Deal

Antiques dealer Jan Keyne has appeared on Dickinson’s Real Deal for over a decade. On 5 October 2022, an episode of Dickinson’s Real Deal saw the dealers visit Weston-super-Mare. Dave brought a pen set into the ITV show but failed to initially excite antiques expert Jan Keyne.

The hopeful seller was hoping for around £60 to £70 for the pens. Although Jan said she appreciated the ‘craftmanship’ of the box, she said that “no one uses anything like that anymore”. After a quick look at the box and the pens, Jan concluded: “If I’m absolutely honest, it’s a bit useless.”

However, she eventually gave him an offer, albeit slightly lower than Dave had asked for. She began by offering £20, before moving it up to £40.

After some deliberation, David Dickinson came in to offer his expert opinion on the pens. He concluded that the pens were worth between £40 and £60. His opinion triggered Jan to lay down a further £5, bringing her total offer to £45. This saw Dave accept the money.

Jan finished the segment by saying: “He was such a lovely man. I couldn’t let him go home empty handed!”

Jan Keyne Age

Antiques dealer Jan Keyne was born in December 1953. She is 70 years old in 2024. She will celebrate her 71st birthday in December 2024.