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Poppy O’Toole Biography – Poppy O’Toole Wiki

Poppy O’Toole, also known as Poppy Cooks, is a Michelin-trained chef, author and judge on BBC Three’s Young MasterChef. She trained as a chef before finding fame on TikTok.

During school, Poppy had part-time jobs in the kitchens of a local pub and a care home, and then, at the age of 18, when her friends headed off to university, she took up an apprenticeship in Purnell’s, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Birmingham.

Poppy worked her way up to demi chef de partie at Purnell’s before going on to work in other professional kitchens. She put in a stint in high-end private dining for bankers in the City of London before moving to the private members’ club in Mayfair, where she was working when Covid hit.

The Birmingham-born chef began making recipe videos after she and her partner Tom Shattock left London and returned to her home city when she was made redundant from her job as a junior sous chef in a high-end private members’ club in Mayfair in March 2020.

“We decided to go and spend time with my mum and step-dad,” she told the Irish Independent. “I thought we’d be back up and running within a few weeks, and we just started doing the TikToks to alleviate the boredom. I’m used to working all the time and I need to be doing something constantly.

“My little brother, Christian, and little sister, Trixie, were on the app. I’d heard of it but I’d never watched anything. They showed me how it worked and I started putting up a few videos. The first couple were about churros and a version of the tomato sauce in the book. They only got about 600 views, and I had very few followers, but there was one comment from a frontline worker saying ‘thank you’, and that the sauce recipe was really helpful after a 12-hour shift, and I thought, this might make a difference to somebody.”


Poppy published her first cookbook, Poppy Cooks: The Food You Need, at the age of 27. She told the Irish Independent: “Writing a book is a dream for any chef, but I would never have expected to do it at 27. I like the way it’s more of a teaching tool than a recipe book, arranged as 12 core recipes or go-to skills that everyone should know, which can be used as a base for adaptable recipes that will up your cooking game.” She released her second cookbook, Poppy Cooks: The Actually Delicious Air Fryer Cookbook, in 2023.

Poppy O’Toole Age

Chef Poppy O’Toole was born on 18 January 1994 in Birmingham, England.

Poppy O’Toole Family

Poppy O’Toole grew up in Birmingham with her mother Vicky. Her father died some years ago. She has a younger brother, Christian, and sister, Trixie. She recently discovered a half-sister who lives in Ireland, and they’ve been talking over social media.

Her husband turned the phone around to her and said, ‘Have you seen this girl who makes potatoes? And she’s like, ‘That’s my sister.’”

Poppy O’Toole Partner

Poppy O’Toole is engaged to her partner Tom Shattock. She and her partner Tom run their business, Poppy Cooks, together as a joint venture. Tom is the Chief Executive Officer of Poppy Cooks. He was previously a Social Editor at LADbible Group, as well as a Social Media Manager at The Corner London and 1000heads.

Poppy O’Toole Husband

TV chef Poppy O’Toole isn’t married and therefore doesn’t have a husband. Poppy is engaged to Tom Shattock. She announced the news on her 30th birthday, writing, “Today’s my 30th birthday and yesterday me and Tom got engaged after 14 years.”

Poppy O’Toole MasterChef

Michelin-trained chef Poppy O’Toole is a judge on the Young MasterChef on BBC Three. She is joined by chef, author and YouTube food star, Big Has.

Poppy O’Toole Net Worth

Young MasterChef judge Poppy O’Toole’s net worth is estimated to be £1 million.


Poppy O’Toole’s Instagram handle is @poppy_cooks.