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Alison Chapman (Antique Dealer) Husband, Wiki, Age, Family, Weight Loss, Net Worth, Dickinson’s Real Deal

Alison Chapman Biography – Alison Chapman Wiki

Alison Chapman is an antique dealer, best known for her regular appearances as an antiques expert on hit television programmes including Dickinson’s Real Deal presented by David Dickinson, Secret Dealers and Cash in the Attic. She is the managing director of Owlets Hythe Ltd, an antiques shop in Hythe, England. She was named the 2016 Kent Businesswoman of the Year.

In November 2014, her Hythe shop Owlets, in the High Street, was broken into and various items were stolen while she was away in Leeds. The celebrity antiques dealer published a chilling video of the moment a raider burst into her shop to raid it. In the video, the raider used what appears to be a crowbar, before smashing the door and breaking glass cabinets to steal gold and silver jewellery, watches and collectables.

Speaking on her Facebook page, she said: “At around 2 am some person/s have smashed through the front door of my lovely shop, smashed cabinets and grabbed what they could.

“I am sitting on a train willing it to go faster, trying to get back home to Kent. I’m grateful that it was at night and none of my staff or myself were involved.

“We photograph every item of stock. By tomorrow I will easily identify each piece this man stole. I do have some even better footage, but, I can’t release this at the moment.”

The shop owner said she had more evidence, but couldn’t release it yet.

She added: “When he breathes and rests his face on the window pane, that was one place where they got his DNA.”

A police spokesman said at the time: “Kent Police is investigating a burglary that took place on Sunday, November 16 at Owlets, in High Street, Hythe.

“A quantity of jewellery was stolen and damage was sustained to a door. Officers continue their enquiries.”

Alison added that she was “totally devastated” to see her shop after the raid.

She said: “It’s lucky I have a sunny disposition. When I saw it with my own eyes I was just so shocked and totally devastated.

“A cabinet which was a family heirloom was smashed which was horrible. But the police are really confident they’ll catch him.

“The man had a really big nose and it’s had me looking at everyone’s noses as they come in the shop today. It’s made me very paranoid.”

Alison Chapman Age

Antiques dealer Alison Chapman was born in March 1961.

Alison Chapman Husband

Is Alison Chapman married? She is married to Danny Martin, a director and general manager Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway.

She was previously married to Nick Meurice, chairman of Hythe Against Crime and a former Tory councillor. Chapman and her ex-husband Nick Meurice divorced after more than 20 years of marriage. In the divorce settlement, Chapman, who uses her maiden name, got to keep their marital home.

Alison Chapman Family

TV antiques expert Alison Chapman has four children – Jessica, Penny, Guy and Alice – from her first marriage to Nick Meurice.

Alison Chapman Weight Loss

According to photos shared on social media, Alison Chapman appeared to have lost weight. One fan commented: “Alison looks like she’s lost loads of wieght!” Chapman responded saying, “I don’t think I have! Still my voluptuous cuddly self!”


She is of British nationality.


Alison Chapman’s Instagram handle is @alisonchapmantv.