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Shazia Hussain Biography – Shazia Hussain Wiki

Shazia Hussain is a Technology Recruiter and candidate on The Apprentice 2023. Shazia champions a varied representation of diverse women in the world of business. She is the founder of WomensTennis SocialsLondon and Gourmet Mithai Laddu.

Shazia Hussain The Apprentice

Shazia Hussain is one of the candidates on Series 17 of The Apprentice competing to win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment. Shazia champions a varied representation of diverse women in the world of business. “I don’t need any friends in business. I am here to win this.”

What is your USP?

My USP is my ADHD, which means I can process information faster than others. This often means that my reaction time is quicker, and I look at things differently.

What is your biggest weakness?

Again, it would be my ADHD, because it means that I lose concentration quite quickly when I’m around stimuli.

Why do you deserve Lord Sugar’s investment?

I deserve Lord Sugar’s investment for my ability to identify niches in business and to develop them into USPs. It’s important to see a varied representation of women, including women with neurodiversity in business, as people with neurodiversity are linked to being increasingly successful within the corporate sector. I hope that I’ll encourage more people like me not to be ashamed of their difference. It’s okay to be different. It can make you extremely successful within business.

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Shazia Hussain Instagram

Shazia Hussain’s Instagram is @shaziahussain960.