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Nyanda Biography

Nyanda is a goldsmith from East London. She began her creative journey through sculpting and painting. She has spent the past 20 years putting hard work into her craft and is inspired by the organic forms within nature; she sees the body as the plinth and jewellery as art.

On what first interested her in making jewellery, Nyanda told the BBC: “I’ve always been creative and interested in drawing and photography. I was always interested in jewellery, but I didn’t think humans made it. I know that sounds really stupid, but you just buy jewellery! I met a lady when I was young and she was the first person I saw making drill bits and that’s how I discovered it. I think it’s something you can do from home, I don’t need a studio.”

Nyanda All That Glitters

Nyanda is a jeweller in series two of All That Glitters on BBC Two. She hopes to connect with more jewellers through this experience and beyond anything wants to make her mum, who passed away two years ago, proud. The other All That Glitters contestants competing for the UK’s next up-and-coming jewellery star are Bonnie, David, Emma, Jack, Piers, Steve and Tianne.

On her stand-out moments that she enjoyed from the show from her time on the show, Nyanda said: “It was exhilarating, it was stressful. I enjoyed meeting the other guys, because making jewellery on my own can be quite insular. Most of the time I’m making jewellery from home, but I enjoyed being surrounded by people.”

Her takeaway from the show: “I’m more resilient than I acknowledge, and it taught me to believe in what I do. I’m not bothered by opinions as long I’m being authentic to myself; you can’t take them on board because they could just throw you off your own course. You have to persevere with what you’re doing, because some people might lose heart if someone says your work is rubbish. You have to think, how can I improve?”

Nyanda Age

All That Glitters star Nyanda is 49 years old.

Nyanda Instagram

Nyanda’s Instagram is @soulvisionary_jewels.