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Jack Biography

Jack is a jeweller from Bristol. His dad is a goldsmith and Jack started to make his own jewellery from the age of 9. He has spent the last seven years travelling the world and is a big fan of the outdoors and extreme sports like surfing and snowboarding which all provide inspiration for his work. He feels his dyslexia helps his craft and likes natural looking jewellery and to show off as much of the stone as possible.

On what first interested him in making jewellery, Jack told the BBC: “I didn’t do very well in school, so when I was 17 years old I did an apprenticeship to be a goldsmith. My dad also did it, which is another reason why I might have got into it.”

Jack All That Glitters

Jack is a jeweller in series two of All That Glitters on BBC Two. The other All That Glitters contestants competing for the UK’s next up-and-coming jewellery star are Bonnie, David, Emma, Nyanda, Piers, Steve and Tianne.

On what he learned from the show, Jack said: “On the show I learned how to look at designer stuff. I was trained as a goldsmith and got stuck in my ways. It’s hard to think outside the box when you’re trained like that, but on the show you tackle it in a whole new way. During the challenges, we were given briefs and there’s a lot of pressure to do well; it’s about doing something extraordinary, you don’t want to do something simple or what you might usually do. Doing that was never going to come easy, it was a big thought process, and you can’t do things in a way in the way I was doing it before.”

Jack Age

All That Glitters star Jack is 35 years old.

Jack Instagram

Jack’s Instagram is @jackmitchelljewellery.