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Steve Biography

Steve (real name Mustafa Ali) is a Syrian Jewellery designer who lives in London with his family and three cats. A Syrian native, Steve lived in Syria until he was 20. When he was displaced during the war he made his way to the Calais Jungle on foot. It was there he made his first piece of jewellery, from a nail in the camp, which he still wears every day.

He became the unofficial camp jeweller, making jewellery for all his friends. When he became a resident of the UK, he was introduced to Hatton Garden and now runs a small jewellery business where he sells designs informed by his birth culture and his journey.

On what first interested him in making jewellery, Steve told the BBC: “I was in Damascus, Syria when the war broke out and I had to flee at the age of 20. I walked across Europe on foot up to France. It was in the Calais Jungle refugee camp that I discovered jewellery making. When I was there, I made myself a few pieces of jewellery from random materials like nails and wires and whatever waste items I could find there. I was also working with the volunteers at the time, helping out in the in the camp, and one of them noticed what I was wearing and it turned out that she was a silversmith. I was interested in silversmithing and so she introduced me to it, and that was my introduction really to jewellery making.”

Steve All That Glitters

Steve is a jeweller in series two of All That Glitters on BBC Two. The other All That Glitters contestants competing for the UK’s next up-and-coming jewellery star are Bonnie, David, Emma, Jack, Nyanda, Piers, Steve and Tianne.

On what he took away from the show, he said: “I enjoyed making a connection with all of the other jewellers. There were nice moments, fun moments with Katherine on the show.”

On what he learned, he said: “I learnt that in order for me to make jewellery I need to be by myself in a quiet place!”

Steve Age

All That Glitters star Steve is 29 years old.

Steve Real Name

His birth name is Mustafa Ali.

Steve Nationality

He is of Syrian nationality.

Steve Religion

He was raised Muslim.

Steve All That Glitters Instagram

Steve’s Instagram is @steve_ali.