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Bonnie Biography

Bonnie is a jeweller and metal technician from Birmingham. She first started loving jewellery when she was a child and made a pair of earrings with her father for her mother. Much of her inspiration comes from Birmingham and its buildings, which she incorporates in to her pieces.

On what first interested her in making jewellery, Bonnie told the BBC: “I have always been creative, I studied Fine Art at Uni and would make jewellery as presents for people, and that just took over everything after I graduated. I realised that it was a great way to connect with people, and it was a fantastic medium for self-expression. I’m not conventionally trained and I’ve not done an apprenticeship, I’ve tried to shadow people, make friends and look over people’s shoulders. Eventually I did go on to do a Masters in jewellery and I met my husband there about 12 years ago, so now I’m married into jewellery.”

Bonnie All That Glitters

Bonnie is a jeweller in series two of All That Glitters on BBC Two. The other All That Glitters contestants competing for the UK’s next up-and-coming jewellery star are David, Emma, Jack, Nyanda, Piers, Steve and Tianne.

On the stand-out moments that she enjoyed from her time on the show, she said: “I think ‘enjoyed’ is a weird word because the actual experience was terrifying. You’re just going for it and just jumping! I met lots of like-minded people that were creators and designers that were bold and brave. What was most enjoyable was finding those kindred spirits and feeling like it’s OK to be you, and it’s OK to fail as long as you don’t focus on those failures. Getting lovely comments was the icing on the cake. It’s total validation that I haven’t been spending big chunks of my life doing this for no reason!”

Her takeaway from the show: “If things go wrong, try not to panic. You can’t always control what goes wrong, it’s your reaction to how it’s going wrong and how you can recover. It’s more important to try and have fun and be playful. I think in the eyes of my family and myself, the show encouraged me to take myself a bit more seriously. It’s also given my husband a boost as well because he’s a jeweller and we’re hoping to open a new shop in the jewellery quarter. It’s given us new ways of communicating and coming together as two different designers, and enabled us to make the leap towards opening a shop.”

Bonnie Age

All That Glitters star Bonnie is 40 years old.

Bonnie Husband

Her husband, whom she met at university, is also a jeweller.

Bonnie Instagram

Bonnie’s Instagram is @troubled_maker.