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John Henry Phillips Biography – John Henry Phillips Wiki

John Henry Phillips is an archaeologist, author, filmmaker and television presenter. He currently co-presents The Great British Dig on Channel 4 and MORE4. He co-founded the Romani Community Archaeology, a non-profit uncovering the archaeology of Romani communities alongside present-day Romani people.

“When the pandemic hit I started a non-profit with a friend and occasional colleague, Dr Stu Eve, to run community archaeology projects,” John Henry said. “The idea was that we would excavate historic Romani sites with descendants of those that once lived there.”

Prior to co-founding the Romani Community Archaeology, he spent several years working in commercial archaeology and freelancing as a conflict archaeologist.

In 2020, John Henry created, co-produced, and appeared in the feature-length documentary No Roses On A Sailor’s Grave, alongside Go Button Media. After a successful run on the global film festival circuit in 2021, picking up fourteen international film awards, the documentary was acquired by CBC-Radio Canada Distribution, appearing on Hollywood Suite in Canada and PBS in the United Kingdom.

John Henry has also appeared as a guest on BBC One’s The One Show, BBC News, BBC Radio One, BBC Suffolk, BBC Leicester, Dan Snow’s History Hit, and Dr. Michala Hulme’s Unearth The Past.

He has been featured by The Times, The Guardian, The Scotsman, Suffolk Magazine, The Express, Travellers Times, BBC, Leicester Mercury, Bury Free Press, and many more.

John Henry has given talks everywhere from the University of Liverpool, Historic England, and the Council of British Archaeology to Glastonbury Festival and the House of Lords. Being from a Romani background and holding degrees in both Archaeology and Human Rights, he works to raise awareness of both the heritage of Romani people and the issues they face in the present day.

John Henry Phillips Age

John Henry Phillips was born in November 1991 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk to a Romani mother. He is 32 years old as of 2024.

John Henry Phillips Great British Dig

John Henry Phillips is a lead archaeologist on Channel 4’s The Great British Dig, presented by Hugh Dennis. He is a lead archaeologist alongside Natasha Billson, ChloĆ« Duckworth and Richard Taylor.


Archaeologist John Henry Phillips left school at the age of 16 and spent four years touring Europe in a band before returning to education to pursue an archaeology degree. He focused on conflict archaeology. The archaeologist spoke to Travellers’ Times about the inspirations behind his work.

He said: “I went to see the First World War battlefields with my dad just as a little trip and the scope of that war was so much that you can literally find things sticking out of the ground till this day. I found pieces of barb-wire from the trenches and a grenade laying on the ground. To me, that was mindblowing so when I went home I decided to go to university and study archaeology.”

He added: “My grandfather was also a Second World War veteran, he died when I was 21 and I went to university about 22 and it was always in the back of my mind that I hadn’t asked enough about my own relative’s stories.”

John Henry Phillips Nationality

John Henry Phillips is of British nationality. He is of Romani descent.


John Henry Phillips’ Instagram handle is @johnhenryphillips.