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Natasha Billson Biography – Natasha Billson Wiki

Natasha Billson is a British field Archaeologist, Vlogger, Voice-Over Artist, and Presenter. She is co-presenting The Great British Dig: History in Your Back Garden on More4. She is a frequent traveler to Kyiv, where she is a Voice-Over Artist and Presenter for the segment ‘Archaeology Time’ on ATV.

Natasha graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Archaeology at Bournemouth University in 2013. Her first archaeological excavation was a Middle Iron Age banjo enclosure on the Durotriges Project run by Dr Miles Russell and Paul Cheetham. She participated in Maritime projects run by Prof. Dave Parham and worked in Germany on a Mesolithic long-barrow run by Prof. Timothy Darvill. She participated in excavations in Barbados, Cyprus, Germany and Russia, within the first year of graduating.

In 2014, whilst working as a Field Archaeologist, Natasha participated in expeditions in Egypt, Russia and Ukraine.
In 2016, she took an Internship with Past Preservers, a company which worked on TV development and research, and provided a database of experts for TV programmes.

Natasha also applied to be a native English voice-over artist for a Ukrainian broadcaster which later transformed into a TV presenter position. In 2019, she established a relationship with the Discovery/Science Channel after her appearance on Unexplained and Unexplored. Later she worked on Secrets in the Ice and Ancient Unexplained Files.

In 2020, Natasha created a YouTube Live show called ‘Archaeologists in Quarantine’ on her channel Behind the Trowel. She has interviewed over 50 archaeologists across the world, and hosted webinars and lectures. Her social media presence and previous TV experiences made her the right person for the producers of Channel 4’s The Great British Dig: History in Your Garden. They began shooting The Great British Dig in the autumn of 2020.

The Great British Dig

Natasha Billson joined Channel 4’s The Great British Dig: History in Your Garden in 2020. In The Great British Dig, actor and comedian Hugh Dennis is joined by an expert team of archaeologists to excavate back gardens around Britain, in an attempt to uncover the lost history buried beneath our lawns and flower beds – recruiting local people to get digging too.

The experts joining Hugh Dennis on The Great British Dig are Dr. Chloe Duckworth, archaeological scientist and lecturer at Newcastle University, archaeologist Richard Taylor and field archaeologist Natasha.

Natasha Billson Age

Archaeologist Natasha Billson was born on 8 May 1991. She is 33 years old as of 2024.

Natasha Billson Husband

Natasha Billson is married to her husband Aleksandr Dmytriev, who was born in January 1984. He is of Ukrainian nationality. He is the marketing director of the Heritage Media Group.

Natasha and her husband, Oleksandr Dmytriiev, co-founded the Heritage Media Group. The organisation aims to bridge the gap between heritage organisations and individuals, with social media management, video production and training.

Natasha Billson Nationality

The Great British Dig presenter Natasha Billson is of British nationality.


Natasha’s Instagram is @tash_archaeo.

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