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Bradley Johnson Biography – Bradley Johnson Wiki

Bradley Johnson is a Director of a Construction Company and a candidate on The Apprentice 2023. Johnson is a self-made businessman. Priding himself on his determination and work ethic, in his own words, his can-do attitude and approach to business is “something you’ve got to be proud of.”

Bradley Johnson The Apprentice

Bradley Johnson is one of the candidates on Series 17 of The Apprentice competing to win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment.

What is your USP?

My USP is my drive and determination. Starting a business from absolutely nothing and taking it to a company that’s turning over six figures demonstrates my determination and strong work ethic. A lot of people in business – I’m not saying everyone – have inherited their businesses, this is not the case for myself. I was made redundant in 2019 and now, we’re turning over half-a-million, which is something I’m immensely proud of.

What is your biggest weakness?

My biggest weakness is public speaking. I’ve never, ever been good at it. I was always the shy kid at school, I hated having to stand up and read in English lessons. It’s something I am combatting. On a Friday morning at half-past six, I run a business networking event, where I stand up and I talk to over 50 other businesses. That has really helped me to have the confidence to be able to stand up and speak to anyone.

Why do you deserve Lord Sugar’s investment?

I deserve Lord Sugar’s investment because I have a proven business and a strong can-do attitude. I have a business plan that will see us turn over seven figures after year three and who knows where else that could take us.

Bradley Johnson Instagram

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