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Emiliano Grillo’s Wife Alexia Garcia Morris

Alexia Garcia Morris Biography – Alexia Garcia Morris Wiki

Alexia Garcia Morris is the wife of Emiliano Grillo, an Argentine professional golfer who’s a member of the PGA Tour. They got together and the golfer divorced his ex-wife Maria Macarena Pelaez Alcala.

Alexia and Emiliano share a son together. On Mother’s Day 2023, she shared about motherhood in an Instagram post. She wrote: “Motherhood is hard. It’s not a secret but no one tells you that the hardest part about being a mom has little to do with your child at all.

“It’s the other aspects of your new title. Balancing your work, maintaining your relationships, navigating your hormones, learning to live with your postpartum body, battling with your anxieties, working through your guilt, agonizing over parenting decisions or missteps, operating on little sleep, plus keeping this little person safe all while trying to figure out who you are now after this monumental identity shift.

“Not to mention the isolation that tends to creep in when you least expect it. Those are the hard parts. It’s not your kid. It’s you. Managing yourself, this new you, that is the part that takes the work.

“I’m learning and evolving every day. I have days when I kill it and days when it nearly kills me. When I say motherhood is hard, it is. Loving my baby and being his mom is not. That’s the easy part.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the super moms out there.”


Alexia Garcia Morris’ Instagram handle is @alexiagarciamorris.