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Pierro Pozella Biography – Pierro Pozella Wiki

Pierro Pozella is a camera repair specialist, photographer and expert on The Repair Shop. He is the founder of PPP Cameras, an analogue camera repairs service, and PPP Film Lab, a Birmingham-based film lab located inside South Birmingham Works with the focus on developing colour film across all formats.

Pierro started repairing cameras at the age of 15, working on some of the trickiest cameras including Olympus MJU II’s, Yashica T4’s, Olympus OM-2’s, Canon AE-1’s, Leica M4’s and so many more. He was motivated to start repairing after seeing “so many broken cameras being thrown away and their such beautiful objects, I could not let them die, I had to give the cameras a new lease of life!”

Pierro first got into film photography when he was 14 years old. He explained how he got into film photography in an interview with Analogue Wonderland: “I was a runner for autocar/whatcar magazine and at the time, they still had an in-house darkroom specialist for printing the archive negatives for clients and when needed for the magazines. Their technician introduced me to the darkroom process – teaching me to hand print negatives dating back to the 1920s.

“She also helped me to understand the basic principle of how light can generate an image – teaching me to build pinhole cameras, which fuelled my curiosity and heavily influenced my repair work and art practice.

“I have now developed cameras that can perceive wavelengths beyond human vision such as electromagnetic fields and x-ray radiation, both running on traditional photographic processes to capture visual data and imagery.”

PPP Cameras originally started as PPP Repairs several years ago. It has quickly developed and grown over the years with the company transitioning the name to PPP Cameras – now offering a range of services beyond just repairing cameras.

Pierro Pozella Age

Pierro Pozella was born 1997. He is 27 years old as of 2023.

Pierro Pozella The Repair Shop

Pierro Pozella is a camera expert on the BBC’s The Repair Shop. He joined the line-up of expertise at the barn in September 2023. His first assignment is a camera that belonged to visitor Harry’s grandfather, a graphic designer at ATV in Elstree Studios in the 1970s and 80s. The twin lens camera was used on set as well as at home for taking pictures of his family. Sadly, the camera has now fallen into a sorry state, but Harry is keen to use it again to continue the legacy of his creative grandpa George.

Pierro Pozella Instagram

Pierro Pozella’s Instagram handle is pierropoz.